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Panama Certi? es Japanese Scrubber or almost a year Kawasaki Kisen system jointly developed by MHI and again. This hybrid system enables stable

Kaisha, Ltd., Mitsubishi Heavy MKK speci? cally for marine applica- cleaning unaffected by the properties of


Industries, Ltd. and Mitsubishi tions. It is installed on “K” Line’s Drive the seawater in the area of navigation.

Kakoki Kaisha, Ltd. have been perform- Green Highway, the large-scale car car- Whereas equipment auxiliary to en- ing tests aboard an operational ship of a rier with capacity for 7,500 -units. gines is normally installed within a ship, newly-developed “Hybrid SOx Scrub- The Hybrid SOx Scrubber System is the core components of the Hybrid ber System” for removing sulfur oxides the ? rst commercialized system in Japan SOx Scrubber System can be con- (SOx) from the exhaust gas emitted by to comply with the more stringent SOx tained in an ISO shipping container. marine diesel engines. The testing re- emission regulations that took effect, This modular packaging means that the sults have now veri? ed that the system’s starting with ECAs, in 2015. The system major system components can be in- effectiveness in curbing emissions of air has two modes: an “open-loop” mode in stalled on an open deck, for example, pollutants complies with international which seawater intake is sprayed directly thereby not only allowing the space regulations, and the system has been on the exhaust gas; and a “closed-loop” within the ship to be used ef? ciently of? cially approved by the Republic of mode in which fresh water is used as the but also helping to reduce installation

Panama, the country where the test ship cleaning water, and after the exhaust gas time. Also, as the container package is is registered. is cleaned, it is then neutralized using relatively easy to remove and transfer to

Photo: K Line

The test unit of the Hybrid SOx Scrub- sodium hydroxide (NaOH), after which a different vessel, installation on aging

Ambassador Diaz of Panama ber System is the ? rst installation of a water is then sprayed on the exhaust gas ships is facilitated.

presents the certi? cate.


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