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to modify your asset and have to do the same thing all Tørstad said that digitization is one of the most trans- over again. With myQRA you take the risk assessment formative technologies that she has seen in her career, and work directly on digital models, importing data and but was quick to add that “digitization is a tool.” building a model of an asset, doing all the risk assess- “What (digitization) really does is make information ments on that model, and making all the analytics fully more available and removes barriers between sources traceable. When completed, we hand this over to our of information,” she said. “For example, the aging customer as a digital asset, or we continue to host the workforce in the maritime and energy industries – all model and our customer can continue to work on it.” of the competence that goes out the door when people

In short, when a project becomes operational, the retire (is an ongoing industry issue). Digitization is a owner can make direct modi? cations and see how these core element that will help to better manage the loss of changes impact risk, making the model a powerful op- experienced workers going forward. It keeps informa- erational tool. “It transforms the stack of paper report tion, knowledge and experience available to a larger into a digital tool that enables you to manage your risks audience. Digitization coupled with domain knowl- real-time,” said Tørstad. edge is essential in helping to manage the information

In stressing the importance of this digital revolution, overload and make sense of the data.” 23

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