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Tore Morten Olsen, President Marlink Maritime oices

Tore Tore

Morten Morten


President, Marlink Maritime President, Marlink Maritime

Photo: Marlink

While various sectors of the marine indus- make ships at sea more ef? cient. But he admits

In maritime satellite communications, try are suffering, communication providers are that change is slow to come. “There are many an industry sector de? ned by change, buffered to an extent in that their collective ser- that have come to terms with the need for con- vices are helping to drive many of maritime’s nectivity, but they haven’t taken the next step,

Tore Morten Olsen, President Marlink ef? ciency initiatives. which is creating a digital strategy to discover

Maritime is a rock: a model of continu- “This year has been by far the largest (in terms how they will maximize the bene? ts of con- ity and a wealth of knowledge. He has of number of vessels) that have ordered from nectivity for their own purpose, and for their us,” said Olsen. “It has been fantastic. We have clients,” he said. To that end, Marlink itself is 22 years of experience in the satellite booked in the ? rst ? ve months of this year the changing to better partner with vessel owners communications sector, starting out as a total amount booked for the full year in 2015, a and operators, extending its offering and seek- 30 to 40 percent acceleration in the number of ing to partner.

technical product manager in 1994 and companies ordering VSAT solutions.” “We realized that providing connectivity alone moving on to hold several senior man-

He said there are several drivers, including is not delivering enough value to the customer,” the business end of transferring information to said Olsen. “So we are moving more to the IT agement positions with Telenor, Marlink and from ships, as well as the personnel end in side on the ship. We acquired Palantir which and Astrium Services / Airbus Defense helping to keep crew connected. “Without con- delivers and manages IT networks onboard; we nectivity you are nowhere.” are trying to be the party that helps collect the and Space and now Marlink again.

Olsen, like his colleagues, competitors and data and deliver it in a safe, ef? cient and secure customers, are fully engaged in talk of ‘Big manner back to shore.”

Data’ and the increasing use of information to Palantir provides IT managers on shore with

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