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Earliest Known Marine Navigation Tool Found aser scanning technology has engineering-related challenges, so to be The astrolabe is a bronze disc measur- believed to date from between 1495 and helped researchers to con? rm able to take our expertise and transfer ing 17.5cm in diameter and engraved 1500, and was recovered from the wreck that an artifact recovered from that to something totally different and so with the Portuguese coat of arms and the of a Portuguese explorer ship Esmeralda

Lthe wreck of a sunken 15th historically signi? cant was a really inter- personal emblem of Don Manuel I, the which was sunk by a storm in the Indian century ship in the Indian Ocean is the esting opportunity.” King of Portugal from 1495-1521. It is Ocean in 1503. earliest known marine navigation tool.

When the Blue Water Recovery team

Economy found the object in 2014, they believed

PANOLIN it was an astrolabe used by mariners to measure the altitude of the sun during

Environmentally Considerate Lubricants voyages, but they were not certain as there were no visible navigational mark- ings.

The team approached Professor Wil- liams, who conducts high-tech scanning

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versity of Warwick in the U.K. to reveal the artifact’s unseen details.

Williams was able to accurately scan

Worldwide technology leader in ECLs for marine use the item to within 0.1mm and reproduce a high-resolution 3D model, revealing

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etches around the edge of the object, each separated by ? ve degrees – proving

O Get the best out of your equipment that the relic is in fact an astrolabe. These with PANOLIN ECLs.

markings would have allowed mariners

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the horizon at noon to determine their

Technology Environment location so they could ? nd their way on the high seas.

PANOLIN America Inc.

“It was fantastic to apply our 3D scan- ning technology to such an exciting

Ventura CA 93003 project and help with the identi? cation

Phone 805 676 1193 of such a rare and fascinating item,” Wil- liams said. “Usually we are working on

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Scan of the astrolabe artifact; ? competitive pricing through

Below: Scan of the astrolabe artifact, new patented technology revealing the etches ? works reliably, especially in harsh environments

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Leading technology detailed information

Credit: University of Warwick Credit: University of Warwick mastering daily challenges "/,,&),4%2

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