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Alison Nolan, GM, Boston Harbor Cruises oices

Boston Harbor Cruises: The Sites

All Photos: Boston Harbor Cruises the best it can be. Eventually I realized that my particular style and

To make great guest experiences a reality, you talents were things that the business needed, and need to trust in and empower your staff and crew. in fact our diversity in expertise and passion was

Most of our 2.5 million passengers will never a source of strength. This was a game changer meet or know a Nolan family member, but they for me and the point at which I knew what I was will interact with many of our team members. going to contribute to the future of BHC.

They are the face of the company to our pas- For example, early on I recognized the need sengers, so they’re the ones that make it happen for, developed and implemented a comprehen- each day. BHC is fortunate to have a ? ourishing sive, creative branding and marketing campaign culture where employees are indeed like family. aimed at not just ? lling seats but positioning

Many employees spend their entire careers at the BHC as a cornerstone organization within Bos- company. As we’ve grown, BHC has held onto ton. our long standing small family business values I knew we already were one, the problem - the same values that empower our employees was nobody else did. This focused marketing to feel comfortable and ful? lled while providing approach was a major element in establishing outstanding customer service. top-of-mind brand awareness that had not previ- ously been experienced in the company’s nearly-

How is your management style most different 90-year history. from that of previous leaders of the company?

I also saw the opportunity for BHC to be a

Because BHC is a longstanding family busi- voice and convening force for our waterfront ness, it has been run – and ? ourished – as a labor and tourism communities. We needed to be of love. But, I feel that what makes my manage- more connected to our tourism neighbors and ment style different is that I have looked at the the fabric of our waterfront community. By company from a more traditional business and forging new partnerships, growing our offerings community perspective. My father and uncle for local recreation, establishing a philanthropic are great mariners and know their way around pro? le as well as personal involvement in many almost any engine room. However, because boards and committees, BHC became an undeni- the needs of the business took me off the boats able part of the fabric of Boston. before I gained those years of experience, that

BHC is fortunate to have a ? ourishing corpo- wasn’t me and for many years I harbored inse- rate culture where employees are indeed like curity about not possessing those same qualities. family. Through my management style I aspire 22 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • JANUARY 2018

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