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Green Marine Technology

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Credit: Dubai Maritime Cluster Of? ce

Photo: Goltens

Goltens operates a 10,000sq. m. facility within the Dubai Maritime City (DMC).

Photo: DNV GL

DNV GL notes a rebound in the region’s offshore energy business.

op, regulate and promote what Dubai has as the region can now have a direct in? u- quickly, but there is a positive trend to Fuglerud’s optimism is fueled by the to offer,” he says. “We know that there ence on business and regulations. “The it.” fact that Dubai is a strategic location. It are other cities around the world that are IMO is talking about ballast water man- Even though Dubai has climbed the is well positioned for the emerging mar- doing the same, but that will always be agement, sulphur emission deadlines,” rankings as a maritime cluster there is kets and there is huge growth potential the case. he continues. “Imagine a room where still an area that causes concern to Fu- for this region. “There are a lot of posi- “I always say that we compete against these 10 nations sit and decide on these glerud. That involves innovation. Out of tive developments in Saudi and that is ourselves; that is the most important things. We didn’t have a voice before, the top 15 maritime capitals, Dubai was positively impacting UAE as well,” he thing that we challenge the status quo ev- now we have so we can now say what rock bottom when it came to research. continues. “For all the emerging trade ery day. What type of regulation makes works and what doesn’t work.” “They have a way to go and there is a towards the East Coast of Africa this is the shipowners life easier? What kind of big appetite to improve,” he says. “This a very good location to drive that from. ? nancial guidelines do we need to put in Reasons to be Cheerful study came out seven months ago and For the maritime industry in general I place to attract them to come here? What One of the key components of the I am impressed how Dubai has already think the future is bright.

human resources regulations? What type maritime sector in Dubai is the oil and taken steps to address it, and that is one “If you look at the government, they of criminal law justice system? I’m sure gas industry, which has taken a big hit of the things that impresses me with this are moving very quickly. They seem to if you look at these things you will see since the oil price crashed several years place, they make their mind up on where be moving quicker than other countries. why Dubai is way ahead in this region. ago. According to Geir Fuglerud, Area they want to go, and they go there. But companies seem to be lagging a little

This is what we mean by a world-leading Manager, Middle East and Africa at “There is a massive drive now that bit behind, at least in the maritime indus- maritime sector.” DNV GL, that sector has hit the bottom they have gone from 13 to 10 in these try, but the big players are developing

Another huge boost for the region and there is a renewed optimism. “We statistics, which has shown them that the quickly and investing heavily to position came in December when the UAE be- see within DNV GL, more requests for policy they put in place ? ve years ago themselves.” came the only Arabic nation to ever win quotation, more business happening, rigs has paid off and by addressing new poli- a seat on the IMO council in category B. coming out of lay-up, vessels are being cies on research and innovation they can Living in a Free Zone

That, according to Al-Jourani, was vital reactivated,” he says. “It is not moving further climb the rankings.” One of the big success stories in the 39

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