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Green Marine Technology

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Photo: DP World

One of the big success stories in the emirate is DP World and its Jebel Ali Port and associated free zone. emirate is DP World and its Jebel Ali services, in-situ machining, and BWT it up again in 2023 to carry out the in- However, their tightest competitors are

Port and associated free zone. The port system retro? ts. They have, for over stallation. We have scanned the vessels, not the other two global companies but itself is the 10 largest container port in 70 years, been the alternative when the carried out conceptual design but it has the local companies who are often stron- the world. Its 102 ship to shore (STS) original equipment manufacturer is un- been on hold until the last minute.” ger and more ? exible. In the Middle cranes handled 14.7m TEU in 2016 from able to meet the budget or the time frame Plumtree says that shipowners are still East region that is Kanoo Shipping and 11,000 vessels. The facility has three available. One area that they are looking hoping that they will be able to avoid the Sharaf. terminals. Terminal one and two are to for growth is environmental servic- installation. “While there is this general “The whole sector is now more cost older facilities that are about to undergo es, a division that is led by manager of acceptance, shipowners are still thinking aware and conscious of credit terms, so upgrades to increase automation, while Green Technology Solutions, Matthew that at some point there may be a change we are not seeing the same sort of prices terminal three is already fully automat- Plumtree. in the regulations and vessels of a cer- that were there before,” Daniel Vikstrom, ed. Terminal four is under construction Goltens have been involved in supply- tain age may be exempted. The prob- Vice President Marine Services Middle and will be brought on line as market ing green services since 2010 with the lem with BWM is that the technology East at Inchcape explains. “It is no lon- demand increases. That expansion will same ethos that they have from a repair has still not been proven; it’s out there ger based on service levels and personal bring total handling capacity to 22.1m point of view: reducing downtime and and installed on many vessels now but relationships, but purely on price with

TEU by the end of this year. minimizing the cost to the customer. is still an unknown factor about how it many companies. As an example, the av-

The huge Jebel Ali Free Zone (Jafza) “The critical legislation we have now is operates. There is no return on invest- erage charge for a tanker call into Dubai is home to more than 7,300 international ballast water management (BWM) and ment for a BWM system, it is purely a is now $500 down from around $2,400 companies, while the port has tremen- the Sulphur Cap,” Plumtree explains. cost. You can’t charge more because you before the oil price dropped.” dous capabilities to process and deliver “We have been talking about it for eight have a BWM system because it will be a One of the major challenges estab- cargo. Jebel Ali’s gate automation sys- years and it keeps going backwards and requirement.” lished agents face is that there are no tem and paperless processing of cargo backwards, and the sulphur cap which barriers to entry into this industry. “If I documentation are among the most comes into effect in 2020. The differ- Managing the Market wanted to I could resign my position, get modern technology-driven facilities in ence between the two is that with BWM When it comes to shipping services, in my car and drive to Fujairah and ap- the world. you have lead time based on IMO rul- being able to handle an account any- ply for a license and set up as an agent “Jebel Ali is our ? agship port and has ings whereas sulphur emissions is a drop where in the world is a great asset. With with very little overheads,” Vikstrom been recognized as the best seaport in dead date of 1st January 2020. After that 300 of? ces in 70 countries Inchcape adds. “There are more and more smaller the Middle East for over two decades date you must either use low sulphur Shipping Services are in prime position companies emerging that will not be able reinforcing our role as a leading enabler fuels or have a means to clean exhaust with that regard. to cope in the long run. The trend will of world trade,” Sultan Ahmed Bin Su- gases to meet requirements. Their of? ce in Dubai handles the two be that there will be some consolida- layem, DP World Group Chairman and “There is a tacit acceptance of BWM, key ports in Dubai and is the pivot for tion with the big three probably ending

CEO, says. “The reputation of Jebel Ali although there is still a resistance to it their Middle East operations. It’s just up with around 15 percent of the market has been built over time on our opera- from the shipowners. We have seen the more reason that Dubai is rising to meet each.” tional ef? ciencies, through the work of number of 3D scans double last year the global logistics challenge. our employees and our customers, and compared to 2016, but many companies One of three global maritime service Local Port, Global Reach without whose support this achievement are still planning on leaving it until the suppliers – along with Ulstein Ship Ser- With a seat at the grownups table at would not have been possible. last minute. One contract we signed in vices and Gulf Agency Company – to- IMO, and world class facilities pack- 2016 for 10 vessels has been postponed gether they capture 15 percent of the aged in a high tech service package, the

Goltens goes Green several times and they will probably pick global market – each with ? ve percent. Dubai Maritime Cluster is determined

Sometimes, a vessel in port needs to further develop an already impres- more than just a berth to discharge sive regional logistics hub, into one of or load cargo. Fortunately, the Dubai the world’s top shipping destinations.

Carnival to Build Dubai Cruise Terminal branch of global independent repair spe- Leveraging global vendors, solid local cialist Goltens operates a 10,000 square infrastructure and regional relationships,

Carnival Corp. signed a partnership agreement with Meraas to develop the Dubai

Cruise Terminal to open in October 2020. Under the agreement, signed by His Ex- meter facility within the Dubai Maritime they are well on their way to ding just cellency Abdulla Al Habbai, Group Chairman of Meraas, and Arnold W. Donald, CEO

City (DMC) that is capable of docking that. The Dubai Maritime Vision 2030 of Carnival Corp., the companies will collaborate across port development, terminal vessels up to 6000 DWT, 125M LOA. initiative, launched just four years ago, management and new cruise development opportunities at Dubai Harbor and the

The Dubai hub is a key location in their is already yielding fruit. The next 12 broader region. Dubai is set to become central to Carnival Corp’s operations in the global network that enables shipowners years therefore promise to be even more region. to minimize asset downtime with diesel exciting.

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