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security, but this is a very fast developing poor quality data. $3.1 Trillion/Year market, and it’s something that you must This is a stunning ? gure, particularly

When Big Data is Bad Data always stay on top of and think ahead.” when you consider that research ? rm

While much focus is on 'big data', not

DNV GL takes the Cyber Security is- IDC estimates that the size of the big much has been reported on the cost of sue a step further, offering ‘ethical hack- data market globally in 2016 was a mere 'bad data.' Remi Eriksen put the matter ing’ as a service, both internally and to in perspective during a presentation in $136 billion.

its clients, to expose weaknesses. “That *(Source: Bad Data Costs the U.S. $3 Trillion Per Year,

Greece, citing estimates from IBM that is the paranoia that you need to have all by Thomas C. Redman, Harvard Business Review; in 2016, in the U.S. alone, $3.1 trillion* of the time. Nothing is 100% secure.” was the estimate of the yearly cost of bad-data-costs-the-u-s-3-trillion-per-year)

Photo:DNV GL as services from third parties. Veracity also includes a community for devel- opers to make it easier to develop new applications and analytics. Finally, the

BWMS SHOULD STRESS platform facilitates secure and easy data management and data sharing.

“It (Veracity) is gaining traction, today

YOUR PRODUCT– with almost 130,000 users representing 1,500 companies, with close to 1 million service subscriptions meaning each user is subscribing to more than seven servic- es in average. We have seen this scaling up rapidly,” said Eriksen.


Digitalization and cyber security go hand-in-hand, and to this end DNV GL

Retlif is staffed and fully equipped


recently was the ? rst to offer a new cy- for BWMS component testing. ber secure notation. “Cyber Security is

You would expect that from the ?rst USA sub-laboratory approved on everyone’s mind right now and (the by the USCG for evaluation and creation of the new “Cyber secure” nota- testing of onboard ballast water tion) is partly a push by us, and partly management components.


Vibration Temperature Inclination a pull by our customers,” said Eriksen. 40 YEARS OF TESTING EXCELLENCE

What you might not expect is Retlif’s “We are doing a lot internally, both with 795 Marconi Avenue 40 years of experience in maritime

Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 USA our own people and with partnerships environmental testing. Or the extensive

Tel: (631) 737-1500 engineering and compliance expertise with the likes of Microsoft, leverag- we bring to every test.

ing the security developments they are

New Hampshire • Pennsylvania •


Humidity Heavy Seas Voltage building into their products and services.

Ingress Protection Variations

Washington DC

Retlif takes the stress out of stressing your onboard BWMS components.

We have a good set up there, to take the

Undesirable organisms and invasive

Above & Beyond.

best of their research and technology and species beware!

add to this our own systems around it. A very competent IT organization and ex- ternal partnerships are key to good cyber 27

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