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The operational compliance of Baudouin Advanced

Engines with the latest

IMO and EPA standards is achieved through the use of an innovative Selective Catalyst

Reduction (SCR) system on offer from the company.

Image: Moteurs Baudouin

MAN Cryo developed the Liquid Hy- ture, with the MAN Cryo engineering Baudouin is offering an innovative Se- Engine system designers can choose to drogen Marine Fuel Gas System design team accordingly placing top priority lective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) system place the tank, pump and cabinet up to in-house at its headquarters in Gothen- on safety. Once lique? ed, hydrogen is on its range of Advanced Engines to en- 60 meters away from the catalyst and the burg, Sweden. The system has a scal- reduced to 1/800th of its volume, com- able compliance with the latest IMO and system can be installed over the gearbox, able design that allows easy adaptation pared to that of its gas phase, facilitating EPA standards including the IMO’s 2016 over the engine, or in a stand-alone con- for different shipping types, sizes and a more-ef? cient distribution. As a fuel, demand for further reductions of NOx ? guration which gives freedom and ? ex- conditions. The design is suited for both hydrogen does not release any CO2 and emissions in some areas of the world. ibility for both newbuilds and repower- above- and below-deck applications, of- can play an important role in the transi- The company’s Advanced Engines with ing projects.

fering ship designers the ? exibility to tion to a clean, low-carbon, energy sys- SCR offer a cleaner engine without Moteurs Baudouin is owned by Chi- optimise their designs in relation to ef? - tem. Lique? ed hydrogen can be used to compromising on power, the company nese company Weichai Power Co. Ltd. ciency, and to cargo or passenger space. charge batteries for electrical propulsion claims, with an up to 2% reduction in av- and as well as its French facility has

Lique? ed hydrogen has a tempera- via fuel-cell technology. erage fuel consumption and up to 25dB additional manufacturing based in Wei- ture of -253° Celsius and is one of the noise reduction, all with a compact, fang, Shandong Province, China and coldest cryogenic gases there is, which modular design. The Baudouin SCR sys- product sales and servicing available places system components and materials SCR SYSTEM FOR BAUDOUIN tem is small, light and ? exible, thereby in more than 130 countries worldwide, under extreme stresses. Another design ADVANCED ENGINES reducing costs and space requirements across six continents.

challenge was hydrogen’s explosive na- Cassis, France-headquartered Moteurs while maximizing product reliability.

The new 150 to 250 mhp ? ve-engine 4LV sterndrive marine diesel engine range combines with the YANMAR

ZT370 sterndrive to offer high acceleration, fuel ef? ciency, quiet operation and low vibration to suit a wide variety of vessels.

Image: Yanmar Marine International 22 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • DECEMBER 2018

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