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With a robust engine block designed for continuous-duty operation and long life, and a single cylinder head with four valves per cylinder, the

Cummins X15 marine engine provides reduced fuel consumption without reduced performance. The X15, which can be used in both commercial and recreational marine applications, is available as a propulsion engine and as an auxiliary engine.

Image: Cummins Inc.

ÄR ÄR ÄR W W W WÄR ADED W WÄR R RT TSIL L LÄ Ä 20 U GRAD TR CUMMINS IN N N N N N NTR CUMMINS INTRODUCES X15 5 15 TRODU U UCES S X X X X X X15 15 15 1 1 UP U UPGRADED WÄRTSILÄ 20 0 umbe um Wärtsilä r r r r rep ep ep ep epo o o o orts ts t ts r r r r rec ec e ei i i i ivi vi vi vi v v n ng a n n n numbe be be be be er I ES I I I I INE MARINE ENG G G G G GIN N NES MARINE ENGINES Wärtsilä reports receiving a number of o orders f fo fo fo for th th the e up pgr g grad ade ed v ver r rsi sion on on Cummins Inc. h h h h h h h has as s i i int n roduce ed d d a a a ve ve ver- Cummins Inc. has introduced a ver- r- r- of orders for the upgraded version of on on on on on o of wi with sion of its X15 en n n n n n n ngi gi gi ine f f f for or o o m mar arin ine e ap ap ap sion of its X15 engine for marine ap- p- its Wärtsilä 20 engine, with more than its Wärt rt rt rtsi si si si silä l 2 2 2 2 20 e en en engi i gi g ne n ne e, , , with th h h h m m m m m m mo o or or or or o or o e than ng ng n n in 30 e e e engin ines es e h havin in n ing b be been en o o o o o o o or rd r ered for Cu Cummin X1 plications. The Cu u u u u ummin in ins s s s X1 1 15 5 5 is is is d d d de- plications. The Cummins X15 is de- e 30 engines having been ordered for ower merchant nt a uxiliary p power er er er er applications me gh-h gh gh our, gh ou signed to withsta a a an a an a a d d th the e hi hi i igh h -hour r, me signed to withstand the high-hour, merchant auxiliary power applications m n continuous-duty operation demanded in three major shipbuilding projects. continuous-duty op p p per er er er er er e at a a a a a a io o o on n n n de de demanded in t hr hr hree e m ajor shipb pbui uil l l ld l l ing projects.

T e orders have been en n contracted with Th h me me by inland waterways, comme e e e e erc c c rc r r r ia i l l f fish- by inland waterways, commercial fish- The orders have been contracted with

Wärtsilä Qiyao D ie e e e e es s s s se s s l Company Ltd. Wä ing and passenger transportation n n n v v v v v v ves es es es es es- ing and passenger transportation ves- - - - - Wärtsilä Qiyao Diesel Company Ltd.

QD Q QD QD QD QD sels. sels. (WQDC), the joint venture company of (W W W W W W WQD DC), the jo jo join in in in in n n nt t t t t t venture company of

The marine X15 engine is suitable Wärtsilä and Shanghai Marine Diesel for newbuilds and repowers. Engine Research Institute. The contracts

The X15 features variable- and ? xed- cover three engines for four Very Large speed ratings between 450 and 600 hp Crude Carriers (VLCCs) being built at (336 and 447 kW) while meeting U.S. CSIC’s Dalian Shipbuilding Industry

EPA Tier 3 and IMO Tier 2 emissions Corporation (DSIC) shipyard for China

A WORLD OF standards. The X15 utilizes the latest COSCO Shipping Energy; three engines

Cummins fuel system technology, XPI, for each of three Suezmax Oil Tankers

SERVICE designed to provide an ef? cient fuel burn being built at DSIC for China COSCO

The oceans may be vast, but for clean emissions and optimized fuel Shipping Energy; and three engines for we’re always close. 24/7 service ruo?b7;7=uolƒ?oL1;vk?o1-|;7 economy. In addition, the X15 for ma- each of four Large Ore Carriers (VLOC) bml-fouv_brrbm]-m7Cm-m1b-?

rine uses the CM2350 Cummins engine being built at CSIC’s Tianjin Xingang centers around the world.

control module to provide advanced di- shipyard for COSCO Shipping Bulk. agnostic and monitoring capability, in- The Wärtsilä input includes complete _oov;|oY?|_;?ou?7Lv?o1-?Y-]l cluding de-rates and automated engine auxiliary generating sets and all related shut downs to prevent catastrophic fail- engineering, with delivery of the equip- 0?o]lu;]bv|;u?bubl1ol ???lu;]bv|;u?bubl1ol bm=oŠu;]bv|;u?bubl1ol ures. ment beginning in 2019. m|;um-?om-?!;]bv|ub;vkm1l bm-L?b-?om?b|_|_;-uv_-??v?-m7v-ub?l;sourou-|;7lbmbv|u-|ouv 25

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