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The universally applicable Hatz

H-series Silent Pack replaces engine compartment design and requires less space in the machine.

Image: Motorenfabrik Hatz GmbH & Co. KG

YANMAR LAUNCHES 4LV various options. RCD Tier 2 emissions regulations, being V-compliant Hatz TICD models. The

STERNDRIVE COMMON-RAIL The new models are ? tted with the virtually smoke- and odor-free. maintenance hoods are adapted to the di-

DIESEL ENGINES YANMAR ZT370 sterndrive with hy- mensions of the three- and four-cylinder

YANMAR MARINE INTERNATION- draulic multi-disc clutch for smooth and engines. The New Silent Pack has been

AL has launched a full line-up of 4LV quiet gear engagement, plus a standard NEW SILENT PACK FOR HATZ redesigned from the ground up and of- sterndrive marine diesel engine models EXO hard-anodization coating to pro- H-SERIES ENGINES fers signi? cant bene? ts to both machine to complete its 4LV series of ultra-re? ned vide protection against corrosion. En- Motorenfabrik Hatz recently intro- manufacturers and operating companies: common rail (CR) engines. The new 150 suring optimal performance for a range duced the New Silent Pack for its H-se- the low weight of less than 100 kg sup- to 250 mhp ? ve-engine range combines of boats for recreational and light-duty ries of three- and four-cylinder engines. ports, in particular, manufacturers that with the YANMAR ZT370 sterndrive to commercial applications, the ZT370 The plug-and-play solution combines need to keep their machines as light as offer high acceleration, fuel ef? ciency, sterndrive is available in various gear sound insulation of more than 60% with possible. In the three-cylinder TI and quiet operation and low vibration to suit ratios. Other features include precision- protection against contact, rain, dirt or TIC model versions, the encapsulation a wide variety of vessels. forged gears with extra-long service vandalism, and is based on open power weighs only 91 kg, while in the largest

Complementing the YANMAR life, the choice of electrical or mechani- unit (OPU) engines, meaning that it can version, the Hatz 4H50TICD, the encap- 4LV inboard engine range introduced cal shift models, and an integrated ex- be ordered as complete and ready-to-in- sulation weighs 98 kg.

earlier this year, the corresponding haust system. stall ex works. The New Silent Pack can As regards the dimensions, those 150Z/170Z/195Z/230Z/250Z mhp stern- All YANMAR 4LV engines with also be used to retro? t existing machines. of the encapsulation were reduced by drive models feature the latest in electron- ZT370 sterndrive offer a selection of The New Silent Pack has a modular struc- more than 10% compared to the pre- ically-managed CR fuel injection systems control systems, including full electronic ture and is suitable for the Hatz H-series decessor during development. In addi- and the next-generation system uses Ther- or standard mechanical controls for com- engines 3H50TI, 3H50TIC, 3H50TICD, tion, Hatz has striven for the greatest mo Swing Wall Insulation technology mercial and recreational applications, 4H50TI, 4H50TIC and 4H50TICD. Be- possible ease of maintenance with the to provide maximum thermal ef? ciency, and the models are also available with cause of this universal design, it is very New Silent Pack as the maintenance leading to more complete combustion and the YANMAR JC10 joystick system for easy to include it in the machine struc- opening can be quickly and easily re- more ef? cient fuel consumption, torque easy maneuvring. Offering customers a ture or to equip machines with differ- moved and provides easy access to the and lowered emissions. The 150 to 250 simple display solution, the YANMAR ent engines with the same encapsula- operating side and top side, making all mhp power range marine diesel engines NMEA connection ensures engine data tion. Virtually all its parts are identical maintenance points such as the oil ? lter, are all based on an identical engine block are available for all NMEA 2000 com- for all H-series engine variations and a oil dipstick, oil ? ller neck and main fuel with the same dimensions and weight, patible multi-function display units. All suitable cover for the diesel particulate ? lter easily accessible.

making it easy for boatbuilders to install models exceed both EPA Tier 3 and EU ? lter (DPF) is available for the EU Stage 24 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • DECEMBER 2018

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