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MV Fehn Pollux:

From MV to Sailing Ship “We are very much satis? ed with the perfomance ment. The work is being part funded by the EU, the of the Flettner-Rotor and the vessel,” Ralf Olt- Netherlands and Germany.

manns, the man behind and the driving force of the The Eco-Flettner system on the 4,200 dwt multi- project, is enthusiastic after ? nishing the test series. purpose coaster FEHN POLLUX, part of the ? eet “We are considering alternative propulsion systems of Fehn Ship Management, consists of an 18m high already for a long time,” said Matthias Hesse, Man- and 3m diameter composite ? ber cylinder weigh- aging Director of Fehn Ship Management in Leer. ing about 100 tons, with a 70kW electric drive mo- “We therefore didn’t hesitate when asked to partici- tor and a power consumption of 20-30kW. pate in this project. ” The EcoFlettner WHC is a lightweight construc-

FEHN POLLUX trials are part of a Wind Hybrid tion and uses a wide range of wind speeds to pro-

Coaster project aimed at developing a new genera- duce energy, helping to reduce fuel consumption and tion of short sea multi-purpose motor-rotor-sailing emissions. The construction has been completed in ships of around 4,000 dwt. The project involves May 2015 and detailed tests ashore have been suc- the Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences, cessfully completed. “The EcoFlettner rotates with a

MARIKO and MariGreen which groups a cluster of maximum of 280 times per minute. But that doesn’t regional concerns, among them Fehn Ship Manage- always make sense, because the rotor itself uses electrical energy to move around. Therefore, an al- gorithm takes over these calculations,” says Moritz

Götting from the Department of Maritime Sciences at the University of Emden/Leer, who programmed the control system. As sailing power increases, pow- er from the ship’s MWM Deutz SBV 9M 628 main en-gine can also be reduced, Fehn Ship said.

The vessel has also been installed with a fuel meter to measure fuel con-sumption and verify fuel sav- ings, and a control system to operate the rotor either manually or automatically. Also the vessel’s crew has completed ship handling training at the Faculty of Maritime Sciences in Leer. Using the ship han- dling simulator at the faculty crews has been able to better handle the maneuvering characteristics of a

Flettner Rotor vessel. Meanwhile FEHN POLLUX returned to normal duties operating between ports in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, Northern Eu- rope and the Baltic.

Main Particulars:

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