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Ferry Builders

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FERRY OPERATORS • The World’s Best

World’s Largest Ferry Operator” travers- with Rolls Royce on automated opera- Staten Island with a feet of boats tak- The head ofce is in Gothenburg, where es the well known Copenhagen / Oslo tions for short crossings. ing as many as 4,400 passengers. The the management team and staf functions route, but also maintains a large cross frst of three new vessels being built at are based. Stena Line’s feet matches the

Channel business between England and San Francisco Bay area Operators

Eastern Shipbuilding, in Panama City, combination of passengers and freight

France. Its runs also link Finland Lithua- Ferry operators in the San Francisco Bay Fla with a passenger count of 4,500, is which are transported on its routes, and nia and Estonia with Germany and Swe- region are at the forefront of moves to scheduled for a late 2019 delivery. NYC its feet consists of 38 ships including den. DFDS also operates a sizable wa- non-fossil fuel sources. Private owners Ferries, operated by Hornblower Cruis- RoPax, combi ferries and cargo ves- terborne freight and logistics network, in Hornblower, Golden Gate Ferry, Blue es , is a new efort backed by the city’s sels. Stena Line is owned by Stena AB, a northern Europe but also throughout the and Gold, and the municipal operator Economic Development Corp (EDC), company in the Stena Sphere.

Mediterranean serving ports including San Francisco Bay Ferry – operated by where smaller boats link mass transit-

Tunis, Trieste and Istanbul. the Water Emergency Transportation challenged parts of Brooklyn, Queens Viking Line: This operator runs seven

Authority (WETA). In September 2018, and the Bronx, bringing commuters, Car Ferries (including the LNG pioneer

Fjord1: Fjord1 started in western Nor- Red and White Fleet, another private mainly, into downtown and midtown Viking Grace) in the Baltic Sea- calling way in the 1850s. The operator, which operator, launched Enhydra, a 600 pas- business districts of Manhattan. The at Sweden, Finland and Estonia, serving claims to have a 50% market share in senger vessel powered by lithium bat-

Incat- Crowther designed boats, con- passengers and also transporting cargo.

Norway as smaller local companies teries with redundancy provided by a ventionally powered, have been built at Its original run, now expanded to mul- have been subsumed into a bigger enti- Cummins (EPA Tier 4) diesel engine. Horizon Shipbuilding and Metal Shark, tiple ports, linked southern Sweden with ty- is listed on the Oslo stock exchange. Red and White is also constructing an in the U.S. Gulf. The initial order saw the Åland Islands- full of maritime heri-

Though its routes are mainly in western experimental vessel powered by hydro- construction of 16 boats, each with 150 tage. gen fuel cells.

Norway- on short runs around Stavan- passenger capacity; the initial ante was ger, Bergen and further north as far as upped with six additional vessels with Washington State Ferries: Annual

Trondheim, it has expanded into a run Staten Island Ferry & NYC Ferries capacity for 350 passengers. ridership on Washington State Ferries adjacent to the Oslofjord. Because of Three thousand miles across the coun- system increased by more than 225,000 its service in environmentally sensitive try, New York is in the midst of a ferry Stena Lines: Stena Line has a route- last year to nearly 25 million, its high- renaissance as commuters (and summer- regions, it has been a leader in electrif- based organization with eight geographi- est level since 2002. Supporting such cation- with a building program of two time tourists) switch from automobiles cal business regions: Denmark, Norway, growth demands investment in equip- to boats. The Staten Island Ferry shuttles dozen battery powered vessels (all hav- Germany, Baltic Sea North, Baltic Sea ment, which WSF plans to do. Its recent- back and forth across New York Har- ing hybrid generators for back-up) con- South, North Sea, Irish Sea North och ly released 2040 Long Range Plan calls tinuing through 2019. It is also working bor between lower Manhattan and the Irish Sea South. for 16 new vessels by 2040.

Top Ferry Operators: Passengers


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Two operators omitted due to lack of current information, but likely to have some of the highest capacity numbers in the world, include Istanbul Deniz

Otobusler (Turkey) &

Transtejo Sofusa (Portugal).


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