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Ferry Builders

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FERRY BUILDERS • Metal Shark 5 Minutes with Chris Allard

Metal Shark has arguably been one of the more active and successful boat builders in the U.S. over the last 12 to 24 months, boasting a strong orderbook and expanding facilities and portfolio. In particular, the company has been able to capitalize on the burgeoning ferry mar- ket, today accounting for about a quar- ter of its business, as Chris Allard,

CEO, explains.

CEO - Metal Shark

By Greg Trauthwein certainly a market driver, and while that ment contracts, where in some cases tion. Some cost savings are possible,

When you look at the ferry busi- ness today in relation to Metal program continues to grow, we’re seeing we build hundreds of identical vessels, but with materials being such a major growth around NYC outside of that spe- turning new units out on a weekly ba- component of the build, cost savings of

Shark’s business, what do you see?

Metal Shark has delivered 16 high speed cifc program as well. Additionally, as in sis. Transferring serialized production the total platform are somewhat limited. passenger ferries to date with fve more New York, cities nationwide continue to to passenger vessels was a logical step The true value of serialized production vessels currently in process and multiple struggle with the development of criti- for us. From the shipyard’s perspective, as it relates to passenger vessel construc- cal infrastructure. As long as cities are serialized construction presents oppor- tion lies in the speed of delivery. Today, additional contracts pending. The pas- senger vessel market is a key part of our growing, we see continued opportunities tunities to develop systems, processes, a vessel from our serialized portfolio business and currently represents about for the passenger vessel market. and skills that single-order builds do not can be built and delivered in about six aford. Ultimately, they help us to grow months, whereas a frst-of-kind new ves- 25% of our annual revenue.

Serial Production offers obvious and strengthen the company for future sel or single order continues to hover in manufacturing effciencies, but serialized, or individual builds. Simply the 12-24 month range. The time savings

The ferry business has been vi- brant in recent years, and as our it is not the norm in commercial put, the lessons learned, the skills and lies not only our construction process, offce is in Manhattan I see your marine construction. Can you put expertise gained from the volume all pay but also in the design, procurement, and in perspective the advantages of dividends across the entire company. process fow we have in place. Serializa- work zipping around our water- ways daily! When you look at the effcient, serial production for a tion also increases quality. The old adage ferry market today, where do you shipyard? And the advantage from the vessel is true that the more you do something,

We have spent many years honing our owner’s perspective? the better you get at it. Serialized pro- see opportunity?

We continue to view the ferry market serialized production methodologies. In terms of advantages for the client, duction allows the client and the builder as robust. The NYC Ferry program was The process began with our govern- the main value we see is faster produc- to incorporate lessons learned, adapting 34 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • FEBRUARY 2019

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