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MAN CEON Platform: Backbone of Digital Service Business

MAN Energy Solutions introduced its new digital platform, MAN CEON, designed to collect and evaluate operating and sensor data, enabling real-time monitoring of marine or power plant engines, turbines and compressors. “MAN CEON is the new backbone of our developing digital service business,” said Per Hansson, Head of Digital and Strategy at MAN Energy Solutions. “All of our machines, whether engines or turbomachinery, are equipped with hundreds of sensors that transmit data constantly. MAN CEON enables the ef? cient collection, storage and evalu- ation of these data volumes. The platform is scalable, designed to monitor several thousands of customer installa- tions in parallel its data processing capacity exceeds that of many major social media platforms. Furthermore, we are monitoring down to the level of small sub components, much like with a ‘digital twin’, with high-resolution data available on demand. To do this, we employ state-of-the-art, cloud-based technology and algorithms that automati- cally identify and report problems.”After connecting their installation to MAN CEON, customers can access the platform via a web application on their PC, or by using a mobile terminal; data is sent and processed continuously.

Encrypted data transmission and a multi-level authorization procedure during login ensure maximum data security.

The operating data of all systems and ships networked via CEON can be transmitted to MAN service centers in real time. From here, MAN proactively support customers with problem solving and maintenance, support which includes video and audio live chats.

Furuno Debuts FAR22X8BB

After more than 60,000 installations since its debut 15 years ago, Furuno’s FAR21X7 will cease production this year, making way for the next-generation series of IMO-compliant radars, the all-new FAR22X8BB. The Furuno

FAR22X8BB Radar Series is available in 12kW or 25kW X-Band, 30kW S-Band, or 250W Solid State S-Band con- ? gurations. Each model is supplied in a ‘black box’ con? guration, allowing the choice from a variety of displays to ? t the needs of the vessel, including Furuno’s own MU190 19-in. LCD’s for SOLAS Category 2 ships, and MU231 23.1-in. LCD or MU270W 27-in. Wide Screen LCD’s for SOLAS Category 1 vessels.

The FAR22X8BB series incorporates some of Furuno’s newest features, such as a simpli? ed user experience, as well as ACE and FTT operational innovations. Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) adjusts clutter reduction ? lters and gain settings automatically according to sea and weather conditions, maintaining an optimized Radar display and freeing the navigator’s attention for other operations. Furuno’s Fast Target Tracking (FTT) function allows the user to manually or automatically track up to 10 targets. Tracked target speed and vector display are available in seconds, making quick work of assessing hazards from approaching or moving targets.

In the FAR22X8BB series signal processing begins directly in the gearbox, where the analog signal is converted and digitally transmitted to the processor via Ethernet connection. The result is less noise and higher sensitivity. Brush- less motors spin the antenna which, depending on the model, can be anywhere from a sleek 4-ft. X-Band all the way up to a 12-ft. S-Band antenna array.

Hatteland’s New 43” Premium Quality Display

Hatteland Display released a new 43-in premium quality display as part of its Series

X Multi Vision Display (MVD) product family. The ultra-high de? nition (UHD) system features the same 4K panel technology as existing Series X MVD variants to help create a clear, bright picture. With 3840 × 2160 pixels compared to 1920 x 1080 on full high de? nition (FHD) displays, UHD is a signi? cant technology improve- ment that empowers maritime technology manufacturers to develop new, more ergonomic and user-friendly bridge consoles and designs. While the crystal clarity of the image contributes to reducing human error due to easy viewing in all light condi- tions and angles, the UHD format also allows for multiple inputs to be displayed in real-time, opening the possibility to reduce the number of displays needed.

ChartWorld Launches World-First ECDIS Capabilities

ChartWorld announced the launch of its next-generation eGlobe G2+ ECDIS. eGlobe G2+ is the world’s ? rst 4K

ECDIS, displaying chart data in ultra-high de? nition, greatly improving ECDIS visibility and safety, route planning capability and overall situational awareness. ChartWorld’s ultra-high de? nition 32-in. screen provides clear chart presentation and touchscreen functionality, while its processors providing speed and reliability.

The move is seen by the company as a step toward improved and expanded digital navigation, whereby data input with grow exponentially and the functionality of the ECDIS unit on a large commercial ship is ? nally approaching the ease of use, clarity and accuracy of a common smartphone. eGlobe G2+ functionality is based on ChartWorld’s eGlobe G2 system.

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