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Renolit Dolphin S Trials on Lake Constance ©

The twin-hulled catamaran ferry Con- stance has been doing the trip between

Friedrichshafen and Constance for more than 24 years, each year attract- ing crowds of guests, as well as some

FULL submerged unwanted guests: mussels and barnacles attaching themselves to the hull and creating drag. Even with

AGENDA antifouling applied, the vessel had to

JUNE 18 – 20, 2019 come out of the water every two years


RENOLIT DOLPHIN S is a biocide-

ANNOUNCED free antifouling ? lm that could be a so- lution.

RENOLIT MARITIME system part- ner “” was given the job of applying test strips of this ? lm to the forward sections of the underwater hulls where the me- chanicals loads are the greatest. The rest of the catamaran’s hulls as well as the other two catamarans that the ferry com- pany operates on Lake Constance were


FOUNDER & PRESIDENT treated with conventional antifouling paints. This allowed the functionality of

RENOLIT DOLPHIN S to be tested in a direct comparison. The manufacturer re- ports good results, as a catamaran coated with ? lm would only have to be taken out of the water every ? ve years, mainly because above the speed of 5 knots the ? lm is self-cleaning. Moreover, the ap- plication of RENOLIT DOLPHIN S is totally emissions-free.


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