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Royston Completes OSV Overhaul

Yanmar has undertaken devel- opment of underlying tech-

Work on overhauling diesel engines nologies for robotic boats and on an advanced diving support vessel auto-docking. The propulsion was recently completed by Royston. company has been working to

Engineers undertook the 30,000 run- ning hour major service on the genera- meld the hardware side of its tor engines onboard the 140m Subsea 7 boatbuilding and recreational

Seven Atlantic, as part of a comprehen- marine domains with basic sive refurbishment and maintenance program. The work by Royston saw development of underlying the Wärtsilä W7L32 diesel generator

IT and robotics technologies,

No.5 disassembled to install new cyl- towards robotic boat technolo- inder heads, air start valves, indicator gies that can be used in the cocks, injectors, and cylinder seals.

Relief valves, pistons and conrods, marine surveys and infrastruc- cylinder liners, bearing blocks, crank- ture inspection.

shaft and turbocharger were all sent to

The Robotic Boat demon- company’s Newcastle work shop for

Photo: Subsea 7/Royston checking and repair work before being stration vehicle developed returned ahead of the ? nal reassembly repair facility, which features a Schenk by engineers.

and inspection of the engine. Engineers H3BU horizontal balance machine Seven Atlantic’s power plant package also overhauled the turbocharger on the alongside an IRD B5OU-290 instru- comprises six Wartsila 7L engines, each ment as part of a precision instrumen- driving a 3360kVA Van Kaick genera-

Wärtsilä W7L32 diesel generator No.3.

tation capability to increase balance tor, generating 6,6 kV (mains voltage).

Requiring 12,000 running hour over- testing. Following completion of the The propulsion installation runs on ma- haul, the NA297 Napier turbocharg- ers from both engines were removed, servicing work, incremental load test- rine gasoil to provide power for propul- ing in line with the engine manufactur- sion, dive systems, crane activities and stripped, cleaned, inspected and bal-

Photo: Yanmar anced at Royston’s specialist test and er’s speci? cation was also completed other consumers.

by Yanmar uses the com- pany’s experience in Fiber

Reinforced Plastic (FRP).

The demonstration boat was

Port Optimizer developed under the Strategic

Innovation Program for next generation technology for

GE Transportation, a Wabtec com- pany, announced new functionality to oceanic resources exploration its Port Optimizer platform to make and will be operated as an Au- real-time cargo visibility a reality tonomous Surface Vehicle by across the multimodal supply chain.

Port Optimizer is a cloud-based plat- the Japan Agency for Marine form designed to enhance supply

Earth Science and Technology chain performance and predictability (JAMSTEC) for continuous by delivering real time data-driven marine resources monitoring. insights through a single portal, is currently in use at the San Pedro Bay port complex, the busiest port com- plex in North America.

The latest updates include features

Dimensions 4.4m × 1.9m × 1.8m that speci? cally bene? t retailers

Weight 1.8 tons (bene? cial cargo owners, or BCOs)

Max. speed 5 knots

Nav speed 3 knots and trucking companies. With the

Photo: GE Transportation

Duration more than 48 hours ability to “? ag” high-priority con-

Powerplant Diesel generator / tainers, BCOs can now track cargo dwell time alerts, have been added now automatically input delivery or- generation batteries across the lifecycle of its movement to facilitate faster and more proactive ders directly into Port Optimizer, re- and receive noti? cations of delays. pick-ups. As another new feature, placing previous manual efforts and

Advanced noti? cations, such as trucking companies and BCOs can increasing ef? ciency of truck turns. 56 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • APRIL 2019

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