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John Waterhouse of Elliott Bay Design Group was conference MC and presented on a ferry project that he is involved with for Lake Victoria.

Photo Courtesy Alain Haig-Brown prove worldwide ferry safety, especially In recent years Thailand has been trou- will be developed, and in developing countries.” bled by drowning of passengers travel- ship survey regulation

Hewson added that of the ? ve top ing to the islands in overloaded tourist relating to structure, dam- causes of ferry accidents, three; human boats. Khun Thanatip of the Thai Marine age stability, ballasting, and error, weather, and navigational issues Department pointed out that a series of crowd management will be re- can be corrected by use of enhanced AIS. conditions caused one such accident. vised. Policing and enforcement

With regard to human error, he pointed The vessel Phoenix was returning to of the improved regulations remains out that monitoring of the AIS encour- Phuket when it rolled and sank in heavy a challenge. ages safe and responsible behavior, and weather. Resulting in 47 people drown- RoPax vessels, routinely carry trucks helps shore-based operations teams sup- ing of a total of 89 onboard. loaded with unknown cargos as well as While port vessel crews. Weather information Four measures have been taken to re- cars with dubious electrical systems. In- not all ? res can be gathered from tracking other ves- duce the chance of such disasters in the donesia and the EU continue to review originated on the car deck, it sels, or the AIS is used to transmit real future. Vessel Traf? c Management will ? res aboard such vessels in their wa- was those that caused the most damage time weather reports. Real-time aware- issue twice daily weather forecasts, the ters. In a comprehensive presentation, and loss of life. He cited failure to iden- ness of navigational issues helps avoid Marine Department and related agen- Aleik Nurwahyudy, of the Indonesian tify the source or type of ? re, limited ac- collisions, and grounding. Long–term cies will promulgate navigation and National Transportation Safety Commit- cess to the ? re origin site, tight vehicle analysis helps identify risks in busy wa- weather warnings, vessel owners and tee, showed a graph of RoPax accidents stowage, ineffective suppression sys- terway as has already been done in the operators will be required to set up a in Indonesian waters between 2007 and tems and unskilled crew as some of the

Bosporus, New York Harbor, and Jack- safety management system, a training 2018. Of 32 investigations carried out 17 contributing factors to fatal ? res. Aleik’s sonville, Florida. syllabus for domestic ferry passengers involved ? res. analysis and recommendations were

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