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Photo Courtesy Alain Haig-Brown

Adam Schwetz of the Australian ? rm Schwetz Design explains the ? ner points onboard the new Chao Phraya Tourist boat. comprehensive and detailed. ference a presentation by the IMO’s Irfan

In a similar vein, Gianluca de Rosa, Rahim explained the his organization is of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure currently surveying domestic ferry op- and Transport, gave a breakdown of two erators for examples of best practices. He

RoPax ? res. The M/V Norman Atlantic stressed the limitation of IMO in regulat- caught ? re in Otranto Strait on December ing domestic ferries that are not governed 28, 2014. There were 18 fatalities. Just by SOLAS or MARPOL regulations. Ra- 88 passengers and crewmembers escaped him has been tasked with collating feed- the burning ship by lifeboat. The open back and presenting a set of guidelines for domestic ferry operations by June of 2020. He can be contacted at the London

IMO of? ces,

Mary Ann Pastrana of the Archipelago

Philippine Ferries gave a delightfully

The causes of 3,633 ferry related deaths between 1991 and 2018 have enthusiastic description of the ? eet of

FastCats that she and her husband have Among them are, collision, overloading, inclement weather, ? re been investigated.

created. They currently have 12 of the

Australian-designed, China-built RoPax and explosion and bottom damage all contributing to the total. It has been ascer- vessels in their ? eet and are expecting the most important preventive actions will include training and tained that eight more this year. Plans call for 10 sister-ships by 2020 to bring the ? eet up and improved aides to navigation.

education of the ship’s crew to 30 vessels. Although all will be cata- marans, they will range in size from 50 to 54 meters in length.

Interestingly, in spite of the Philippines being the largest sources of deep-sea ship’s crews, they have trouble recruit- sides on the car deck fed oxygen and ing experienced crew. Although they pay caused the ? re to spread rapidly. 30% more than most domestic lines, “we

The M/V Sobrrento caught ? re of Pal- are left with young people or the less ma di Majorca on April 28, 2015. There committed older ones,” she said, adding were no fatalities or injuries and all crew that, in regard to safety and maintenance, and 196 passengers escaped the burning “There is a tendency to say, ‘It is only vessel by lifeboat. The cause of the ? re domestic’ and neglect safety and mainte- was traced to a faulty plug in on a reefer nance.” truck. Lessons learned from both ? res are To counteract this, the company has de- included in a report to IMO and are being veloped a sophisticated set of strategies included in new regulations for RoPax to attract and develop excellent crews. vessels. “We wear uniforms,” she explained, “We

On the second and ? nal day of the con- provide dormitory housing, no one sleeps

Photo Courtesy Alain Haig-Brown

Mary Anne Pastrana, EVP of Archipelago Philippine Ferries, explained the rapid growth and staf? ng challenges for its

FastCat ferries.

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