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Mrs. Supapan Pichaironarongsongkram, Chairperson of the Chao

Phraya Express Boat and related companies, explained the three gen- eration history of her ? rm.

Photo Courtesy Alain Haig-Brown on the boats, We build pride with our velop an aluminum catamaran tourist marks a long-term commitment to motto: ‘Ferry fast, Ferry safe, Ferry con- boat. With the metal cut and shipped to progressive ferry design and safety venient.”” Thailand in kit form, the ? rst boat is in by the members. Looking to the future,

Most importantly the company has de- service and a second is being assembled the Worldwide Ferry Safety Association, veloped a relationship with Seaversity. in the Express Boat’s Ayutthaya Ship- under Executive Director Roberta Weis-

This institute has developed sophisticat- yard. This, and subsequent boats under brod, continues to sponsor safe ferry de- ed training programs that rely extensive- construction, provides “hop-on-hop-off” sign completions amongst maritime de- ly on digitized representation of the ferry service for those who buy a day pass to sign schools. The 2019 competition was and mechanical components. “Before explore the river. The newest 190-pas- to design a safe and practical commuter taking then onboard, we give a virtual senger craft is a contrast to much of the ferry for Manila’s Pasic River. The top tour,” explained Seaversity’s Ephrem classic wooden vessels that work on the three competing teams were brought to

Dela Cerma, Jr. “When we want to train river, but it is also a signi? cant step by a the conference to present their designs on servicing a speci? c component like a well respected ? rm to maintain contem- and to receive awards, with the Singa- generator, rather than have 20 students porary standards of service and safety. pore Institute of Technology team pick- crowded around a single generator, we The packed agenda of the 2019 Ferry ing up top honors. This was an impres- recreate it digitally and all 20 can have Safety and Technology Conference sive show all around. their own to work and learn on.”

As one of the ? nal presentations, the group was given an overview of the three generations of women who have operat- ed the Chao Phraya Express Boat Com- pany. Khun Supapan’s grandmother, an aristocrat originally from Chaing Mai was given a charter to operate a cross- river ferry in Bangkok. Over time she, her daughter and now her granddaugh- ter have built that cross-river ferry busi-

STOCK (Purchase and Rental): ness into a ? eet of 90 boats. The core of s

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