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Dennis L. Bryant

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Measles & Quarantine easles is a highly conta- suspect areas to anchor out of port for 40 gious infectious disease. days, based on the assumption that any

It is so contagious that disease on board would run its course

M90% of non-immune per- during that time. Modern quarantine sons will become infected if an infected and isolation are more sophisticated, but person is in the immediate vacinity. It only slightly. The outbreak of severe is an airborne disease spread through acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in coughs, sneezes, and contact with saliva 2002 revealed the dif? culty of institut- or nasal secretions. The virus can live ing ef? cient and effective quarantine and for up to two hours in infected airspace isolation protocols in an interconnected or on infected surfaces. Individuals are world village. Ebola, with its isolated infectious from four days before symp- occurrence in the United States and toms appear until four days after the Western Europe, provoked fresh reac- patient is symptom-free. Symptoms in- tions. Other illnesses, such as avian ? u clude fever, cough, runny nose, in? amed and Middle East respiratory syndrome eyes, and a red, ? at rash. Complications (MERS), presented their own challeng- may include diarrhea, middle ear infec- es. Now measles must be added to the tion, and pneumonia. Measles may be mix.

fatal to persons with compromised im- mune symptoms. United States approach

Measles vaccine is highly effective at In the United States, quarantine and preventing the disease. Modern vac- isolation are generally matters for state cine provides lifetime immunity in the and local health authorities and law vast majority of cases. Individuals who enforcement agencies. Only when the received an older vaccine and persons problems involve interstate and interna- planning international travel should con- tional movement and exceed the ability sider getting a booster shot. of local control do the federal authorities

The disease is still prevalent in lesser normally step in. developed parts of Asia and Africa. Re- At the federal level, quarantine and cent outbreaks of measles also have been isolation are primarily the responsibility reported in Brazil, Israel, Japan, the Phil- of the Centers for Disease Control and © pomogayev/Adobe Stock ippines, and Ukraine, as well as some lo- Prevention (CDC). The CDC is empow- calities in the United States. ered to detain, medically examine, or

Recently, a cruise ship was quarantined conditionally release individuals reason- in Saint Lucia after a crew member was albeit low, likelihood of having someone juncture of medicine, law, and public ably believed to be carrying a communi- diagnosed with measles. The ship soon on board who is infected with measles. safety. When these concepts intersect cable disease. The list of quarantinable transited to its homeport of Curaçao, The likelihood is further increased on with the maritime community, things diseases is established by a 2003 Execu- where it was again placed under quaran- passenger ships, which have a rapid quickly get both interesting and compli- tive Order, which was amended in 2005 tine for a period of time until those who turnover of numerous persons on board. cated. to include “in? uenza caused by novel had not been vaccinated were shown to These persons may board the ship in an Quarantine, as well as isolation, has or reemergent in? uenza viruses that are be symptom-free. infectious condition, but currently ex- been invoked in cases of communicable causing, or have the potential to cause,

Because commercial vessels tend to hibiting no symptoms. diseases throughout human history. Spe- a pandemic” and in 2014 to rede? ne se- have crew members from a variety of na- cial treatment of lepers is mentioned in vere acute respiratory syndromes. tions and the crew members rotate regu- Quarantine the Bible. During the Middle Ages, the In recent years, the quarantine and larly, such vessels are at an increased, The concept of quarantine lies at the Venetians required ships arriving from isolation regulations have been amend- 10 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • JUNE 2019

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