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DESIGN: BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD all its natural forms (originally as a push vidual human may have more talent or technologists? Maybe, but as I hear too fearless adults who can engage the world back against religious education), but, interest in one or another specialty. But often at college graduation ceremonies: with a full toolbox to provide the solu- over time, the Liberal Arts split. It split specialties are useless if they cannot op- STEMs have the jobs. tions that we all need. into hard science and engineering edu- erate seamlessly in the whole. So what is Moreover, STEM education has not ig- In writing this column, in the time to cational specialties and all the other non- the whole? The whole is not STEM it is nored PHLA, there are strict humanities come, I hope to be able to discuss en-

STEM specialties. There was a day that not STEAM it is STEMPHLA. requirements in STEM education and gineering from a STEMPHLA point of a Liberal Arts degree required Math and STEMPHLA is the integration of hu- beyond that, once STEMs realize that view.

Science and even a little engineering, but manity’s knowledge for the greater there are no successful STEMS with- today a liberal arts degree can be wholly good of each individual, and humanity out a solid grounding in PHLA, STEMs dedicated to History, or Language, or at large. Only STEMPHLA can draw rush to increase their skills and knowl-

For each column I write, Mari-

Philosophy or Art, without a serious on suf? cient tools to come up with bet- edge in PHLA. But is this occurring with time Reporter & Engineering immersion into Math and Science, and ter technical solutions and only STEM- PHLA’s? I have a strong sense that once

News has agreed to make a small donation to an organization of my hence the schism between the two. PHLA can draw on suf? cient tools to a person has specialized in PHLA they choice. For this column I nominate

This has resulted in presorting of young come up with better social solutions too. treat STEM with fear or contempt, and the technology program at MAST, people, regardless of gender, into subcat- So how do we solve the lack of STEM therefore will not be able to engage in the Marine Academy of Science and egories along the path of least resistance trained people and gender inequalities in the workplace in the most productive

Technology, a Monmouth County, into ineffective stovepipes. In this tech- STEM? I suggest we do it by not treat- way.

NJ Vocational High School that is a nological age this has resulted in groups ing STEM as something different from So what is the solution? It seems sim- national leader in breaking the STEM- of haves and have nots. Somehow, we PHLA. And now I will engage in a bit ple to me. Let’s stop talking about STEM

PHLA stovepipes. seem to think of that as the STEMs, and of ? nger pointing. Who has been treat- and instead focus on STEMPHLA. Only the PHLAs (Philosophy, History, Lan- ing STEM as different from PHLA? The young people that see no difference be- guage and Art). Undoubtedly, each indi- engineers, scientists, mathematicians or tween these categories will develop into 15

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