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Polar Security Cutter will provide meaningful presence in polar regions

By Edward Lundquist he Coast Guard needs a ship economic zone above the Arctic Circle). ed. Protecting America’s interests in the Coast Guard leadership and presence that can do more than just The U.S. has also conducted signi? cant region requires a meaningful presence, will continue to grow,” states the Coast break ice; it needs a multi- research activities in the Antarctic region and that requires ships, aircraft, systems Guard’s Arctic Strategic Outlook, re-

Tmission ship to provide for the for many years. and people capable to operate there. With leased in April 2019. nation’s security, asserting its sovereign Global interest in the extreme latitudes icebreaking one of the Coast Guard’s 11 “In order to prosecute its missions in rights, and protecting its long-term eco- has increased, especially in the Arctic, statutory missions, the service operates the Arctic, the Coast Guard must fully nomic interests. That ship is the Polar where the amount of multiyear ice has the nation’s icebreakers. But these ships understand and operate freely in this vast

Security Cutter. decreased dramatically, and the presence are old and must be replaced. In fact, and unforgiving environment. Effective

Since Russia cashed the check in 1867 of open water has attracted attention the service currently has just one opera- capability requires suf? cient heavy ice- for the purchase of Alaska the U.S. has from shippers, ? shermen, tourists, scien- tional heavy icebreaker and one medium breaking vessels, reliable high-latitude been an Arctic nation. Today, it is one of tists, and the military, as well as interest icebreaker. communications, and comprehensive eight countries that have territorial land in extracting minerals, oil and gas. Sea- “As the region continues to open and Maritime Domain Awareness. In order to or seas above the Arctic Circle or in the food is a multi-billion-dollar industry. strategic competition drives more actors respond to crises in the Arctic, our Na- polar region (six of those countries have There are also communities in the region to look to the Arctic for economic and tion must also muster adequate person-

Arctic Ocean coastline or an exclusive requiring support and protection if need- geopolitical advantages, the demand for nel, aviation, and logistics resources in 45

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