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SCI Mountain Challenge teammates (L to R): Boriana Farrar, Jeanne Grasso and Blythe Daly from WISTA USA.

New Jersey chapter for ? ve years.” The more things change …

While the progress has been steady, she still While this is a transcendent period in maritime sees much work to do to ensure that the female history – with strict new emission reduction regu- maritime workforce continues to grow in in? u- lations coming into force globally, the advent of ence. “We have done a lot, but there is a lot more digitalization and all of the promise (and peril) it to be done in terms of taking women seriously, encompasses, and the dawning of the age of au- and the participation of women in leadership roles tonomous operations – the business of the Ameri- throughout the industry,” said Boriana. “I have to can P&I Club and the role of P&I clubs globally say that the Shipowners Claims Bureau, Inc. has remain comfortably familiar. “When you look at been extremely supportive in this regard.” the P&I world, for the last 100 years and beyond,

Boriana is an energetic sort, and her industry in- it has not changed dramatically,” said Boriana. “It volvement doesn’t stop with WISTA. She is also is an international group of 13 clubs who have a actively involved in the Seaman Church Institute, pooling agreement amongst each other essentially serving on the board of an organization that is in a reinsurance scheme that provides for a very hands-on involved in the daily welfare of seafar- affordable insurance globally; that scheme has not ers, a mission that she says “closely overlaps with changed dramatically in the way it functions for the objective of the Club. I have been incredibly many years. And this is a good thing because as it impressed with the work that Seamen Church In- allows shipping to operate at a relatively low cost stitute has been doing, especially in the ? eld of because of international group and the reinsurance mental health.” The American P&I Club, together arrangement.” with Seamen Church Institute, issued a joint guid- Today about 90 percent of the worldwide ? eet is ance in that regard. insured with a P&I club in the international group

In addition, Boriana is involved in the Maritime of 13, a reinsurance and pooling arrangement that

Law Association in the United States, previously makes large claims – like Costa Concordia – to be serving as a board member and currently serving covered effortlessly.

as Vice Chair of the International Conventions But that’s not to mean her world is not impacted

Committee. “As a ‘recovering lawyer,’ being part by the dramatic changes afoot in maritime today.

of this wonderful legal community is important for New IMO 20/20 rules coming in January 2020 me,” she said. Finally, she serves on the board of have created a great deal of uncertainty among

MICA – Marine Insurance and Claims Associa- shipowners in regards to the best technical and tion, “a really a wonderful organization as to pro- business solutions to meet the new requirement to- moting the insurance industry, which is important. day and in the future. The American Club, and in

Without insurance, we know, many companies fact all P&I clubs, have been proactive to help ? ll can’t function.” the information void.

“Together with our loss prevention department, 67

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