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MARITIME MEDICAL CREW CARE “Medical care has to be managed by medical professional companies to ensure that cases are handled in the most ap- propriate way, crew members get highest quality of medical care at the most reasonable price. Additional requirements of

GDPR put even additional pressure to streamline medical cases and even more- medical and personal data- through companies who are in full compliance with this regulation. ”

Natalya Butakova,

Business Development Director, AP Companies action. The number of legal cases arising cates and healthcare – a practice that is lems. Twenty years of cost comparisons of that initial examination is important.” from this increases every year. It is com- fraught with risk. The prudent shipowner between ‘managed’ visits and the typical Butakova continued, “Once the mem- plicated, it changes from nation to nation or manning agency, however, can out- costs associated with an unexpected port ber is on board and working, the risk of as to what constitutes adequate care, and source these functions to a trusted third- of call event shows – according to AP health problems related to injuries and it is a nightmare for manning agencies party partner. companies data – that clients save ap- traumas is very high, and in this case and shipowners to keep track of. Beyond proximately 24-31% in costs related to prompt and ef? cient medical help in the this, local medical facilities will over- Turn Key Solutions ‘Ports of Call’ visits and another ~45% ports (in case of minor issues) and in price seafarer treatment simply because According to AP Companies data, in home country cases. the home countries (in case of long term there is a lack of control of those charges during the time frame of 2016 through MLC-compliant, ef? cient and com- treatment) is key for the ship owner. AP in the ? rst place. 2018, the ? rm arranged some 15,000 passionate care begins, says Natalya Companies is the right partner to assist

By having an effective and profes- visits for clients. The top three reasons Butakova, “with a good and thorough in both cases and to make sure the level sional health and safety management for these medical events were injuries, pre-employment medical examination. A of care and cost of medical services is system to mitigate the risks of occupa- dental health issues and digestive prob- tailored package that ensures the quality the best combination for the ship owner.” tional illnesses and accidents onboard, companies will be able to reduce loss time incidents, reduce medical costs and workers’ compensation costs, improve

Deck Handling Solutions for Tugboats employee morale and productivity and

Including Integrated Control Systems and Technical Support comply with national and international regulations.

Moreover, the General Data Protection

Regulation (GDPR) is a legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information from individuals who live in the European

Union (EU). GDPR compliance and data security is just one more layer – and a frequently neglected aspect – of the mul- tinational healthcare dilemma facing the ? ag of convenience operator.

The answer can involve the organiza- tion of an internal and extensive medi- cal department; one that would contract with hospitals, negotiate prices, make appointments, get the documentation and keep an eye on the quality of medi- cal care. In reality, no one in this freight

Supplier of electric hawser and tow winches for market can afford those costs; certainly

M/V Delta Teresa not on an international, multi-national scale. Alternatively, shipowners can roll

International Workboat Show 2019

December 4-6 the dice and hope for the best when it

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