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Sovcom? ot Names New

Seaspan Shipyard Delivers OFSV

Arctic Shuttle Tanker

On October 6, 2019, a naming and ? ag raising ceremo- ny was held in Vladivostok for Sovcom? ot’s latest Arctic shuttle tanker. The vessel was named after Mikhail Laza- rev, a prominent Russian admiral and explorer known for his discovery of Antarctica.

The tanker was ordered by Sovcom? ot to transport crude oil for the Novy Port project, under a long-term agreement between Sovcom? ot and Gazprom Neft.

The ceremony was attended by Oleg Melnikov, Vice-Gov- ernor of Primorsky Region and Sergey Frank, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sovcom? ot, as well as faculty and cadets of the Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State Uni- versity (MSU) and Vladivostok Presidential Cadet School, representatives of Sberbank, the Russian Maritime Regis- ter of Shipping, and other companies and organizations.

Mikhail Lazarev is the latest in a series of shuttle tank- ers of the Shturman Albanov series, designed for the year- round transportation of crude oil from the Gulf of Ob (the

Kara Sea) for the Novy Port project, operated by Gazprom

Neft. The ? rst three ships in the series were delivered in 2016 and have since safely transported 9.5 million

Seaspan Shipyard tonnes of oil across the Northern Sea Route. The high

The future Capt. Jacques Cartier, numbe two of tection, preservation and conservation of Canada’s performance of these tankers under extreme Arctic condi- three Offshore Fisheries Science Vessels (OFSV) to coastal waters.” This milestone on the second OFSV tions and the further growth of Novy Port project have fa- be designed and built by Seaspan at its Vancouver follows her launch on June 5 and the delivery of the cilitated the addition of an additional vessel of the series.

Shipyards (VSY), began sea trials on October 10, ? rst OFSV, the CCGS Sir John Franklin, on June “This newest Sovcom? ot tanker is named after Mikhail 2019 from Seaspan’s Vancouver Drydock where ? - 27. The CCGS Sir John Franklin is the ? rst large

Lazarev, an illustrious Russian explorer. We pay tribute to nal out? tting, set to work and commissioning has vessel to be built and delivered under the National the deeds of Russian seafarers who have discovered Ant- taken place since its launch in June. “With the fu- Shipbuilding Strategy. Given the important scien- arctica and placed it on the world map, as well as making ture Capt. Jacques Cartier headed out to sea today, ti? c work to be performed by the OFSV Class, spe- a major contribution to the unique Russian school of high- excitement in our NSS program is growing,” said ci? c attention is also given during Sea Trials to the latitude navigation. The vessel’s characteristics place our

Mark Lamarre, CEO, Seaspan Shipyards. “We are extensive array of ship sensors that are embedded newest Arctic shuttle tanker, Mikhail Lazarev, amongst looking forward to delivering this second vessel to in the ship’s Drop Keel and to the quietness with the most advanced ships in the global tanker industry”, the Coast Guard later this year, which will enable which the ship’s engines perform at cruising and at said Sergey Frank. All vessels of this series are designed them to do their critical work focused on the pro- ? shing speeds and when in idle.

for year-round operations in the Arctic Sea basin. With an ice class of Arc7, they are capable of sailing independent- ly through ice up to 1.8 m thick and operating at tempera- tures down to minus 45 degrees C. The design of these vessels takes into account the speci? c features of the Gulf

V VLGC for Astomos Energ of Ob, and allows the tankers to maneuver freely in the shallow waters of the gulf. i hldi fh A naming ceremony was held in Kumamoto Prefecture at the

The same year, Sovcom? ot was awarded ? rst prize at

Ariake Shipyard of Japan Marine United Corporation for a new the International Competition of Scienti? c, Technical and

VLGC (very large gas carrier) that NYK will charter under a long-

Innovative Developments aimed at the Exploration and term contract to Astomos Energy Corporation, pre-eminent lique-

Development of the Arctic and the Continental Shelf, held ? ed petroleum gas (LPG) company.

under the auspices of the Russian Ministry of Energy, for

The ship was named “Lily Promenade” by Kazuhisa Otsuka, the development and practical implementation of techno- senior operating of? cer of Astomos Energy Corporation, and the logical solutions enabling year-round oil shipments from ceremonial rope holding the vessel in place was cut by Mariko Ku- the Gulf of Ob. Mikhail Lazarev ? ies the Russian ? ag and rokawa of Astomos. Akira Kono, NYK managing corporate of? cer, has Saint Petersburg as her home port. attended together with others from the company.

The ship is the ? rst new NYK-owned VLGC to include an SOx

Principal particulars: scrubber that is compliant with the International Maritime Orga-

Deadweight: 41,012 tonnes nization’s (IMO) more stringent SOx emission regulation, which

Ice class: Arc7 is scheduled to become effective in January 2020. The ship will

Length: 248.9 meters be about 10% more energy ef? cient (reducing CO2 emissions per

Breadth: 34 meters unit of transport), exceeding the IMO EEDI phase 1 requirements

Draft when loaded: 9.5 meters that will become effective in 2020. In addition, an energy saving

Operating speed: 14 knots devices and the low-friction paint make the ship a more fuel ef- ? cient tanker.

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