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%RDW/,)(DGLYLVLRQRI/LIH,QGXVWULHV proud manufacturers of boat sealants, cleaners, compounds, waxes and epoxies, is now celebrating 60 years in the marine industry. With a longstanding reputation for quality, affordability, and trust, we are pleased to serve various marine industries on an ongoing basis.

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Tugpins’ New Modular Caliper Escort Winch and render when overloaded. Compact

Appleton Marine, Inc.

Tugpins of Schiedam, Holland, is in the development phase of the Modular design with a Heavy Duty Hagglunds

Caliper Escort Winch. As explained by Marco Beukers, Managing Director, motor. The Diamond shaft was de-

Tugpins (pictured), “the winch has been developed for render and recovery op- signed with long pitch lead to allow the erations when escorting large ships from the port through a narrow channel into diamond shaft carriage under extreme the open sea.” As most tech developments, this one was envisioned to solve a loads to rotate and slide to an unloaded problem, speci? cally to keep very large bulk carriers on their line when transit- position. Extra wide carriage and offset ing narrow channels. “The problem is when a ship goes out of direction, and the chute to accommodate eye splices. The escort has to move quickly sideways to keep the ship in its line, you get really

Level Wind Carriage is fabricated with a high peak loads on the gear box in the traditional winch.” Kotug contacted Tug-

Stainless-steel liner. The system also in- pins to help develop a solution, which came up with the Modular Caliper Escort cludes JonRie’s Render/Recover blocks

Winch which “steps away from the traditional gearbox technology” and instead for the main drum Hagglunds motor, utilizes an electric motor and a caliper brake. “The whole idea with this winch is

Free Wheel control to allow the master

Appleton Marine, Inc. has been sup- that response time is going from 4 seconds to about 0.2 seconds,” said Beukers, plying marine deck machinery since to quickly move away from a tow in an to more quickly recover the line. “The response time needs to be reduced to take 1971. Appleton Marine is not only a area with strong currents.

off the peak loads.” Still under development and testing, Tugpins will deliver a manufacturer of cranes, but a turnkey full-scale model in the summer of 2020.

supplier of all types of handling equip-

Schoellhorn-Albrecht ment including winches, A-frames, an- chor windlasses, capstans, and hydraulic power units. Past and current projects tion that offers deepwater load handling include packages for the U.S. Coast

MacGregor operators a simple pathway to some of Guard, the U.S. Navy, NOAA, and vari-

MacGregor, part of Cargotec, com- pleted the construction of FibreTrac, the the most signi? cant cost-saving advan- ous offshore oil installations. All equip- ? rst ? ber-rope offshore crane to enter the tages seen in decades. FibreTrac is able ment is manufactured in the U.S. to exploit its full lifting capacity because market. The crane’s full potential is being validated and its capabilities have been ? ber-rope weighs virtually nothing in wa- ter, so no additional load is experienced

JonRie InterTech demonstrated at an event in Kristiansand,

Norway. FibreTrac uses existing, proven by the crane, regardless of the length of JonRie InterTech introduces its New

With over 130 years of experience, rope used during load handling opera- Series “240” Escort Winch for 5,000 technologies combined in a new applica- tions. This is in complete contrast to steel

HP to 6,000 HP tugs. Line pulls from Schoellhorn-Albrecht is a leader in en- gineering, designing and manufactur- wire-rope cranes. Although the crane is 50,000lbs. to 100,000lbs. and line speeds new, the technology is tested, combining to 150 fpm. The new design comes with ing of marine deck equipment, dock equipment and vessel access systems. decades of MacGregor’s load handling honey come drums, extra heavy shaft-

In addition to a standard product line, it experience with the ? ber-rope tensioning ing and Stainless-Steel brake drums. In- and handling skills of Parkburn Precision dependent Hagglunds drive level wind also specializes in designing and manu-

Handling Systems. Designed to comply with a render block. The Level Wind facturing castings, fabrications, and with DNV GL regs, the FibreTrac crane motor will freewheel when not spooling specialized machinery to meet any cus- tomer’s needs. In 1887 the Schoellhorn- has a 150-tonne safe working load (SWL)

Albrecht building was located on the capacity and features an advanced rope west bank of the Mississippi River. It monitoring and management system that began by providing steamboat engines maximizes rope lifespan and provides and deck equipment for river boats built clear lift line status information for the in Alaska and used on the Yukon River operator at all times. MacGregor’s expe- during the gold rush days of the late rience in intelligent maritime cargo and 1800’s. Today, Schoellhorn-Albrecht is load handling includes a strong portfo- located in Saint Louis County, Mo., sup- lio of MacGregor, Hatlapa, Porsgrunn, porting the marine industry worldwide.

Pusnes, Rapp and Triplex products.

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