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Cimolai Technology

Heavy Lift to Assist Shipbuilding Operations

Images: Cimolai Technology imolai Technology Spa, the a span of 60 m and height of 60 m and Cimolai Technology Spa has been also lifting platform or used independently

Italian company specialized four independent lifting points so as to involved in an ambitious shipbuilding to perform the transportation and park- in the supply of lifting and lift ship blocks weighing up 1000 ton project in Saudi Arabia, for which the ing operations of the vessels within the

Chandling equipment, reports and turn elements weighing up to 500 Italian company will supply 23 cranes on shipyards. For the shipbuilding and the a strong year in growth and turnover. ton. The two portal cranes travel on 64 rails of various capacities. Moreover, the re? t yards, in Cairns, Australia, Cimolai

Cimolai Technology Spa supplies 100% tires and are provided with diesel en- company is manufacturing four luf? ng Technology recently supplied a mobile made in Italy products, taking care of gines that supply a total power of 1600 cranes for Vard Braila SA in Romania, boat hoist 1120 – which is actually the the design, the fabrication, the installa- Hp. The control of the machines is man- each with a capacity of 100 ton at 30 m. biggest unit in the world. Moreover, the tion and the after-sale assistance opera- aged by remote control and the system Regarding the lifting and transporta- company is suppling a bigger unit, hav- tions performed by a staff of engineers, is assisted by GPS. The equipment are tion operation in the shipbuilding in- ing a capacity of 1300 ton, to a shipyard design-technicians, electricians, plumb- also provided with a tele-system which dustry, Cimolai Technology has recently in New Jersey, USA.

ers, software developers and quali? ed allows for the supervision from a remote implemented the range of its products Cimolai Technology not only proposes assemblers. workstation. with the manufacture of the ? rst CIMO- innovative and performative solutions

The company operates in the supply Cimolai Technology Spa can supply LIFT, a ship lifting platform of 19 m x 95 but also pays the attention to the com- of handling equipment for construction/ also solutions on rails, such as luf? ng m having a capacity of 3300 ton, which pliance with the current norms, suppling precast sector, lifting and transporting and goliath cranes, that are used to man- has been installed in Palumbo Supery- environmentally friendly machines. To elements in industry plants and in the ufacture ships or perform the loading achts shipyard at Ancona. The CIMO- this end, the installed diesel motors com- shipbuilding, providing ad-hoc studied and of? oading of cargo vessels. LIFT has been completely developed, plies with the highest standards regard- equipment. Cimolai Technology Spa recently de- designed and manufactured by Cimolai ing the exhaust emissions EPA/CARB

For shipbuilding, the ? agship of Cimo- livered a rail gantry crane of 320 ton for Technology Spa. The company has also Tier 4 F and Stage V. The company is lai Technology Spa are the self-propelled Cantiere Navale Visentini at Porto Viro taken care of the on-site installation of also encouraging the production of elec- portal cranes on tires. For Fincantieri, (RO). The crane is equipped with two the whole system. trical fed machines with the speci? c aim

Cimolai Technology Spa has supplied independent hooks that allow for com- The range of Cimolai Technology of manufacturing equipment that are not two units, each with a 1,000-ton used for bined maneuvers at max loads, aimed to Spa’s products includes also self-pro- only technically advanced and reliable the manufacturing and the setting up of facilitate the operations of lifting, turn- pelled modular trailers SPMT and rail systems but also eco-sustainable. cruise ships. Each of the two units has ing and positioning of ship blocks. transfer systems to support the ship 82 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • NOVEMBER 2019

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