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The manufacturing process at Conrad Shipyard is streamlined and ??Š?Š???, with quality control built into every stage. Conrad’s Automated Panel Line facility at Deepwater South represents the latest in že?|Re??|?Š?r???S?ÐyÐr?. The R|yy????yÐu??

facility allows work to continue day and night ??re??y?uuÐRU?e?S?? conditions; and in a series of automated stations, plates are ????Šu?y?uŠO??

and ?y?e?y??|?, transferred via conveyor to other stations where they are welded into panels and u?Š????ue???????e??U?y????yyUÐ?Wu?e?ŠÐ?u are supported by overhead cranes.

The result is that work is performed safely and ??Š?Š???y?, under the SŠrS?u?u?e??e??u of quality.

This translates into dependable production schedules and yÐU???Ðu? to our customer.

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