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tion to handle smaller vessels of 60 m length instead of 40 m. For the conversion Bardex supplied: • Concrete Piers and Equipment Foundation: An in- dependent evaluation of the piers and chain jack supporting foundation was conducted to identify areas needing repair and reinforcement. Bardex completed concrete reinforce- ment and replaced the foundation steel plates that support

Destination – Offshore Guyana the chain jack. Two additional chain jacks and supports where added to increase the maximum distributed load (lift 3030 E. Pershing St.

density) of the shiplift. • Shiplift Equipment: Existing chain jacks were re-

Appleton, WI 54911 USA moved and replaced with new higher capacity chain jacks. [email protected]

Lift chains were replaced with chains of higher capacity.

Larger hydraulic power units and water cooling system was installed so the speed of lift could be maintained with the

Phone: (920) 738-5432 larger capacity lift equipment. All piping and electrical com- ponents were replaced.

Manufactured in the USA • Shiplift Structural Platform: Platform modifications were designed and fabricated by Bardex. The platform was removed from the site and transported to a quayside facility permitting better control of welding and painting. Upgrades include refurbishment and strengthening of the platform structure including cutting 20m from the 100m platform and welding it to the 40m platform, thereby achieving the 60m length. The platform was transported back to the site and reinstalled. • Transfer System: The facility uses a rail-based trans- fer system. The ship shop has three repair bays that are ac- cessed using a longitudinal transfer carriage and a pit type side transfer carriage. Bardex designed and constructed new longitudinal and lateral transfer carriages. • Ship Shop Area Improvements: In collaboration with the client, Bardex delivered design drawings to mod- ify the ship shop to accommodate more vessels. New fea- tures include an additional repair bay and a second Bardex side transfer carriage that can lift and transfer vessels for additional flexibility. This improvement reduces conges- tion in the ship shop area by providing a means to relocate smaller vessels undergoing maintenance more efficiently.

Bardex provided basic design to modify the yard to add a recessed pit for installing Bardex sonar dome removal and re-installation handling equipment. This improvement will streamline repair and maintenance of these vital electronic systems.

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