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Hoist Away

Photo: Tandemloc hen John DiMar- and order packer while my father ran tino graduated from things. In the mid-1990s I took the

Starting from his father’s

SUNY Maritime in reins as president.” basement in Bayport, 1980 with a BS Ma- Tandemloc was created literally

New York, John DiMartino

Wrine Transportation in the ashes of his father’s company and his brother Bill have

Management, his career path started with no financing or facilities, “just built a custom, heavy lift as projected, sailing as a third mate three guys in the basement of my fa- powerhouse in Tandemloc. on a hopper dredge for North Ameri- ther’s house.” While it was light on

It’s a story of building can Trailing Company, a division of corporate structure, it was heavy in

Great Lakes Dredge and Dock. But engineering experience courtesy of his something from nothing; after less than two years, he decided father’s container lashing experience. a story of plotting a path to go to work as a salesman for his “We subcontracted the manufacturing and adjusting for multiple father’s firm, which designed and to area shops,” said DiMartino. “We course changes along the manufactured container securing and could not compete with the general way. Ultimately, it’s a story lifting devices. “A few years later, in container lashings and we focused on of engineering ingenuity late 1983, dad’s company went out of niche products, like the Tandemloc and heavy lift success.

business and we started Tandemloc in connector which was the company’s the basement of his home in Bayport, namesake.”

NY,” DiMartino recalls in a recent in- The Tandemloc connector is used to

By Greg Trauthwein terview. “Early on I was functioning link mini containers together to form as the salesman, assembler, painter 20-foot equivalents and “it is still the 46 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • August 2020

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