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The Path to Zero

ClassNK is a major supporter of the

Digital Era

Driving Real Change Through

Actionable Data Insights

ZeroNorth n today’s shipping industry, the need to demonstrate action in light of the challenges and periodic downtime of the past on sustainability is not an option; it’s a requirement. Faced twelve months.

with new regulatory and supply chain pressures to act on To put the scale of the challenge into perspective, the tramp

Itheir carbon footprint, owners and operators are racing to shipping sector – which ZeroNorth serves - emits around source solutions that are not only effective in reducing emis- 400m tons of CO2 emissions each year. Some of these emis- sions now but that are also prudent investments for a pro? t- sions can be tackled immediately by turning data into actions.

able long-term future.

For a sector used to commodity fuels and a standard way of DATA INTO ACTIONS operating, the challenges of pro? table decarbonization require The industry’s vast – but widely underutilized – data re- us to embrace a whole range of solutions, including clean source holds the answer to a number of challenges operators technologies, alternative fuels, and, importantly, the intelli- and owners face. Without the need to alter a vessel or the in- gent use of data and digital technology to underpin effective frastructure of a ? eet, the right applications can leverage data decision-making. It is here that we should be excited because to truly enhance vessel performance and optimize operations, if done right, digitalization is an immediate ? rst step we can increase earnings and reduce CO2 emissions.

take on the path to sustainability. Turning data into actions is central to our industry’s suc-

With the IMO’s emissions reductions targets set out for 2030 cess as we continue to digitalize. Data alone is not an asset. and 2050, it’s easy to suggest that sustainability is a longer- Instead, shipping must do more to make its data tangible and term goal that can be slowly chipped away at. This is far from actionable, turning ones and zeros into dollars and cents.

the case. We are now less than a decade away from the initial The blueprint for turning this data into actionable insights 40% emissions reduction target of 2030 and the urgency of must be based on several key principles, including aligning climate change is very real and present. Equally urgent is the data and its usage to growth and business targets, creating industry’s efforts to remain commercially viable, particularly richer and more speci? c insights, and presenting actions and 18 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • June 2021

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