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information in a clear and understandable way.

In doing so, data can be turned into a true commercial differ- entiator and driver, and we will collectively begin to ? nd more diverse use cases for shipping’s data asset, unlocking greater cumulative cost and ef? ciency savings.

In simple terms, the data points on weather, ? eet positions, bunker prices, market rates and more which can be challeng- ing to convert into relevant information in and of themselves suddenly become actions that owners and operators can take, with a clear and transparent view of the cost and emissions up or downside of any decision.

ZeroNorth’s Optimize, for example, leverages data to pro- vide ‘actionable’ insights for operators and owners into vessel performance and optimal speed. Through our software, we be- lieve that around 5-10% of emissions can be addressed today.

This is a signi? cant total given the low barrier to entry and scalability of digital solutions.


It is also important to recognize that the challenge is so vast that it would be impossible for any single data or applications provider to tackle it alone. In fact, shipping’s ecosystem of digital organizations must work based on the principles of partnership and collaboration; working together to drive great- er shared impact than could reasonably be achieved alone.

By utilizing the complimentary skills and expertise of data companies and software developers, alongside experts who deal with data speci? c to the maritime domain, shipping will be able to make the most of its digitalization trend.

These partnerships are becoming increasingly common as the sector becomes more transparent and comfortable with the idea that collaboration can work hand-in-hand with commer- cial performance.

Through these partnerships, we are discovering the true power of maritime data. This data should be recognized for its power and ability to enable effective decision-making across a ? eet, from a commercial, and an environmental perspective.

In this way, digitalization is enabling owners and operators to direct their future course in a considered, meaningful way – with all the pro? tability and environmental upsides of em- bracing cutting edge technology.

The Author


Søren took on the Chief Executive

Of? cer role for ZeroNorth in January 2020, a newly independent spin-off of Maersk Tankers with the mission to digitalise shipping for the climate.

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