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USCG Fleet Modernization Annual

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U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Campbell deploys their Over the

Horizon (OTH) Small Boat during operations with the

Royal Danish Navy near the Jacobshavn Glacier in West

Greenland on September 06, 2020. as the RDC demonstration director while Lt. Mathew Lara,

Campbell operations of? cer, assigned duties aboard the ship.

The technologies selected for evaluation: • Insight Mini Thermal Monocular (MTM) and AN/

PSQ-20 Monoculars (enhanced night vision devices) for improved law enforcement and ice detection.

• Handheld Glare Helios laser for stand-off hailing capabilities.

• FiFish Remotely Operated Vehicle for underwater inspections in cold weather.

• Long Range Acoustic Device 500X-RE for enhanced communication with vessels at longer distances.

• Iridium Certus Terminal, which helped provide internet access for the crew to maintain communica- tions with Atlantic Area.


The AN/PSQ-20 fused monoculars were evaluated on their ability to determine ice edge and targets of interest during nor-

Strategic Outlook: ‘Enhance Capability to Operate Effective- mal watch operations; the technology was successful, espe- ly in a Dynamic Arctic’ and ‘Innovate and Adapt to Promote cially at night. This technology allowed crew members to sight

Resilience and Prosperity.’ ” an iceberg quickly and give accurate data on size and shape.

The RDC adjusted its testing approach because of the CO- The MTM was integrated via adapter cable to broadcast to

VID-19 pandemic; typically, at least one RDC staff member the Campbell’s displays to support law enforcement and ? ight would be onboard the cutter as the lead scientist during test- operations. “These tools functioned well to identify land, ing. The year the RDC relied on detailed user manuals and shipping and icebergs at night, providing detailed images of technical reports produced for training and remote connectiv- objects. Highly recommend future use,” said Capt. Thomas ity with the Campbell during testing. Matthew Lees served Crane, Campbell commanding of? cer. 25

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