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USCG Fleet Modernization Annual

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USCG ARCTIC TECHNOLOGY EVALUATION boat operations, but the LRAD provided clear hailing and

Handheld Glare Helios communication to small boats up to 500 yards away.

The Glare Helios laser was tested in both day and night op- erations using a manned over the horizon (OTH) boat. During

Iridium Certus Terminal daylight hours, crewmembers onboard the OTH small boat

One of the biggest challenges for polar operations is effec- detected the laser up to 8,000 yards from Campbell. During night hours, the laser was even more effective and could been seen over the horizon (approximately nine nautical miles).

The Arctic environment did not hinder the operational ability of the Glare Helios.

The OTH crew reported it was immediately apparent the laser was pointed at them and believed the laser would be a valuable part of a boarding kit, especially when pursuing non- compliant vessels.

FiFish Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

The Coast Guard recently authorized the use of low-cost

ROVs to enhance the effectiveness of the ? eet; this demon- stration proved this technology is also viable in polar envi- ronments. The demonstration highlighted maintenance ef? - ciencies by reducing the number of crew-hours and risk to personnel required to perform time-consuming dives and pro- viding on-demand inspection of hulls and piers.

Long Range Acoustic Device

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Campbell engages In joint Arctic exercises with the Royal Danish (LRAD) 500X-RE

Navy vessel HDMS Knud Rasmussen near the

Underscoring the challenges faced during Arctic operations,

Jacobshavn Glacier in West Greenland. weather conditions were generally not favorable for small

ENS Liam Middleton, LT Stephen

Hills and ET1 Douglas Locklear run the FiFish Remotely Operated

Vehicle (ROV) to inspect under the waterline of the CGC Campbell. .S. Coast Guard photo by SN Kate Kilroy 26 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • June 2021

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