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Future Fuels & Lubes: Where

Chemistry & Digitalization Meet

Lubmarine’s Technical Director, Nikolaos Kotakis, explains the essential role of lubri- cant chemistry and technology to better support shipping’s decarbonization journey.

EMs and engine lubricant providers are acutely Awareness on using advanced engine oil lubrication with the aware of the operational challenges that shipown- marine fuels of the future is important for the shipping commu- ers face. The lubrication of engines requires nu- nity to seize added value opportunities, and importantly meet

Omerous and ? exible solutions. We are committed their environmental challenges head on.

to ensuring there is industry understanding that developing lu- For a vessel operator, managing the procurement pressures bricating solutions, which are suitable in today’s new world, is of day-to-day operations onshore and offshore can be complex more complex than simply tweaking existing tools. and exhausting.

An example to simplify the process is Lube-On-Time, a digi-

The role of digitalization tal order and management platform from Lubmarine. It pro-

Data and digitalization is increasingly a core strategic focus vides users with con? dence in how to manage their lubricant with current, reliable, timely and trusted data a growing re- stocks, supplies and ordering overcoming delays. It allows quirement. Data on how lubricants work has helped custom- for easy optimization of a company’s procurement process ers improve the operational performance and integrity of their through product information, price inquiries and ordering. Us- engines 24/7. Lubmarine have developed new ways in which ers can even enquire on product availability for every port to information is obtained from product data that provides its help gain the information needed to make fast and effective customers with a deep-dive in to how they use lubricants ver- procurement decisions.

sus engine cleanliness, operating parameters, and engine wear Lube-On-Time helps you select where and when you want damage protection. your delivery of lubricants, and even track the status of orders

The best way to reduce emissions is to reduce energy con- 24/7 while dealing direct with Lubmarine’s customer service sumption. One of the areas of key discussions is around the team. All in one tool.

new build market with operators wanting to tap into extensive While there continues to be a vast scope for more technolo- lubrication knowledge to support their project planning. In ad- gy-based applications in the near-future, there is value in how dition to discussions around fuel strategies and how this will digitization can further enhance today’s operations. The mari- impact the lubricant market and engine lubrication manage- time sector, and shipping in particular, is one of the growing ment, wider developments in the shape of increased focus on optimized industries, and with abundant opportunities for im- digitization to support customers is an increasing focus. provements through data and digital transformation. Areas ripe

Operational excellence is key. New digital tools will fur- for a new wave of innovation include fuel ef? ciency, engine ther help vessel operators and owners across the optimization, monitoring and ef? ciency, ship to shore data exchange, real- monitoring, analysis and interpretation aspects of their lubri- time logistics, automation and environmental impact. At the cation management strategies. Engine condition, engine load, heart of this evolution is how to drive customer value across fuel type, running hours and temperature help to gain real in- our networks as we see bene? t in the enablers that help to im- sight in to how engines and their lubrication perform. prove customer and supply chain insight.

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