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Green Ship Technologies

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One of the key initiatives which should be increased is in the With new fuels, engine design is being pushed to the limit development of digital tools to help better support engine mon- as parameters such as compression and combustion pressures itoring. By extracting more data on how engines perform and in both Diesel and Otto cycle engines are optimized for new simplifying the on-board testing routines, we can gain deeper fuels. Lubricant formulation will adapt accordingly, but post insights of the health and performance of an engine which combustion treatment also needs to be considered.

feeds in to better and informed maintenance and aftercare.

Taking a broader context

New fuels, new horizons As part of an integrated, broad energy company operating

Today, the amount of research into LNG as a bunker fuel is across the oil and biofuels, natural and green gases, renewables diminishing as it is fast considered a mature technology. The and electricity markets, TotalEnergies is committed to creating adoption of new fuels by the shipping industry is more likely to multiple energy solutions that are clean, reliable, practical and be driven by familiarity and how closely they resemble current above all – effective for shippings’ energy needs and decarbon- operations rather than technical maturity. Part of that familiar- ization strategies.

ity will be driven by the logistics and infrastructure of making The company is actively focused on innovating new fuels, new fuels available at ports around the world, so ammonia is lubricants and services as well as developing the necessary seen as an important transition step in the progression towards infrastructure, support and training in order to help its cus- the less familiar fuel hydrogen. tomers make the transition to alternative fuels, ensuring they

For lubricant development the ongoing use of multiple fu- meet the environmental regulations placed upon them today els means a cylinder oil formulation that is suitable for both and well into tomorrow as we move towards IMO 2050. To old and new fuels will be required. Lubmarine, already seeing achieve this, it is increasingly leveraging its investments into success with its Talusia Universal two-stroke engine product renewable energies to offer an array of marine energy solu- range, will expand that platform beyond its current compat- tions. These wide-ranging, long-term efforts include working ibility and proven performance for IMO2020 compliant fuels, on various alternative, lower- and zero-carbon solutions, such including LNG. The product has been validated across a range as new, advanced biofuels and green hydrogen-based fuels (in- of dual-fuel engines including WinGD and MAN ES engines. cluding e-methane, e-methanol, e-ammonia, e-hydrogen etc.)

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