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Training Tips for Ships

Tip #35

Choosing e-Learning Media?

It’s All About Outcomes!

By Murray Goldberg, CEO, Marine Learning Systems n the previous edition of Training trainee to internalize some knowledge or a we are trying to teach how something

Tips for Ships we discussed the concept? Or is it skills or reasoning we are works. This goes beyond a list of facts choice of media for learning mate- hoping to impart? These are very different to yield an understanding of how, for ex-

Irials and which media would lead learning goals and different media types ample, a piece of equipment operates. to the best results. Is it text? Images? will better support some goals than others. 3. Be able to perform a task.

Videos? Interactive exercises and simu- Let’s look at these in a bit more detail. Here we are trying to teach the ability lations? All too commonly it is claimed There are many ways to categorize to get something done, safely and effec- that interactive media with fancy (and learning goals, but for our purposes I tively. Examples might be to launch a expensive) graphics will produce bet- have broken it into the following four rescue craft or take a sounding. ter learning outcomes. The reality is simple categories: 4. Be able to reason and make not nearly so simple. So, how do we 1. Assimilation of knowledge. decisions. Here we are preparing the choose? It’s not hard. Here we simply have some information trainee to make decisions and perform

The ? rst question we should be asking that the trainee needs to know. For exam- actions in response to novel situations. is not one of media choice, but instead is ple - what is the draught of the vessel? Given any training we wish to do, one of learning outcomes. Do we want the 2. Understand a concept. Here we ? rst need to decide which of these © Uladzislau/AdobeStock 14 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • May 2022

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