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categories the training ? ts into. Let’s take donning a ? re suit as one example.

Which of the above applies here? Al- though it could be argued that teaching this competency requires the accom- plishment of all four learning goals, they are not weighed equally. In this case: ? There is a reasonable amount of knowledge to learn - what the com- ponents of the ? re suit are, where they are stored, how they ? t together, etc. ? There is a small bit of concep- tual knowledge required - such as how the suit protects against heat. ? The ability to perform the task (don the suit) is central, arguably equal in importance to the knowledge of the components of the ? re suit. ? And ? nally, being able to rea- son is not a large requirement of don- ning a ? re suit. Indeed, there may be issues encountered while donning or using a suit which take some reasoning to resolve but are unlikely the primary desired outcome.

Looking above, it seems the primary learning goals for donning a ? re suit can safely be considered to be “Knowledge assimilation” and “Task performance”.

You can use the same process to get a general idea of the primary learning goals for any competency.

Once we understand these learning outcomes, the task of matching media to the outcomes is relatively straightfor- ward if we understand the strengths and limitations of each. In fact, said a little differently, for each of these learning outcomes there are teaching methods (or pedagogies as it is correctly referred to) that will have strengths or limitations in achieving the desired outcomes, and in many cases the choice of media is a direct result of the pedagogy chosen.

But for our purposes we will simplify a bit and look at how media choices match up to their desired learning out- comes. This will be the topic for the next edition of Training Tips for Ships.

Until then, thank you for reading and sail safely! 15

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