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Scania’s New Hybrid Marine Power his is a transcendent time in the built-in intelligence,” said Torben Dab- hybrid solution as a sandwich, you will marine industry as stakeholders rowski, Global E-Mobility Sales Devel- have the same interface,” Dabrowski explore new technologies to drive opment Manager, Scania. said. “With that comes even more good

Tef? ciency gains and reduce emis- The number of hybrid and electric things, like you could add additional sions. At the end of 2022, Scania will solutions available on the market today eMachines to double to triple the pow- introduce its new its new electric hybrid is growing, but Dabrowski said Sca- er.” package, eMachine, at the Electric & nia’s offering boasts several features Thanks to these two features, Scania

Hybrid Exhibition. that make it unique. He described a is able to control the entire solution,

The hybrid and full electric offering clutching system that automatically and Dabrowski said. “You’ll ask for RPM, ranges from 150 to 230 kilowatts con- seamlessly allows the vessel to switch or you will ask for torque, and we will tinuous electric power, with all hard- between totally diesel or full electric make sure that you get that from the ware and intelligence included. “The operations. “Either the eMachine would most reliable source at the time. You package we’re launching is made for rev up and clutch into the diesel engine, will have a big ? exibility, and we will making sustainable solutions easy and or the diesel would rev up and clutch manage everything seamlessly with our accessible for all our customers—cur- into the eMachine,” he said. power control units.” rent and new ones. The package allows Secondly, the interface is modular and Dave Hughes, Sales Manager, Scania customers to choose the electric or hy- ? exible, and it’s the same as is used for USA, said, “Many of the current product brid setup and still always receive our diesel engines. “So, when we make this offerings here in the United States focus on either a parallel or an inline design, and really kind of focus on the redundancy aspect. With the eMachine and the in- ternal clutching and the technology and design that we have, that helps us provide the inline solution while still being able to ensure that the customer is going to have the redundancy should there be an in- ternal problem.”

Hughes also noted that the entire pack- age comes from a single source: Sca- nia, which allows customers to better take advantage of the

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