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Minutes with


Frode Støldal, CEO, MCP pertise under its belt.


Owned by Norwegian telecoms giant

Telenor, MCP operates a proprietary “We think it’s time for a new mobile mobile network – CellAtSea – that last the Call communications reality,” says a steely year connected some 16 million users, eyed Frode Støldal from his seat at the enabled by a collection of over 330 in-

There’s a digital disconnect

Offshore Technology Days conference ternational roaming agreements. in Bergen, Norway. It’s established, fnancially strong offshore. The communica- “The offshore community suffers, on (with Telenor providing the investment tion standards we take for both an industry-wide and personal lev- muscle) and hungry for fresh opportu- el, by having limited access to the mod- nities. Offshore, it appears, is now the granted on land are cut ern standards of connectivity that we all main item on the menu.

adrift at sea, hampering take for granted on land. The result is MCP’s plan is simple, yet technologi- business processes that don’t enjoy the cally challenging. It aims to roll out LTE data transfer for businesses levels of effciency, speed and accuracy base stations in the North Sea, creating a while severing individuals’ they could with higher performance 4G network across the entire Norwegian data connections, and crews that don’t Continental Shelf (NCS) – the frst off- lifelines to social media ‘feel at home’ when they’re at sea. This shore network of this kind, on this scale, networks. What’s to ‘like’ impacts upon satisfaction and retention anywhere. levels. “We can change that,” he argues, In theory this will connect all operat- about that? Frode Støldal, slowing his pace to emphasize every ing vessels, platforms and rigs on the

CEO of MCP, has had word as he adds: “good communication NCS to high-speed, reliable 4G mobile unlocks potential.” services. Offshore crews, workers and enough.

…And Støldal, it seems from his businesses will, for the frst time, be able meeting with Offshore Engineering Re- to enjoy levels of connectivity directly porter, believes his frm has the key. comparable to those on land.

By D. Dexter “MCP and Telenor see offshore as a real ‘greenfeld’ opportunity,” Støldal

Faster, Further, First

Maritime Communication Partner explains, using telecoms terminology for a completely new development mar- (MCP) is currently known for its mo- bile services and solutions in the cruise ket – something that, in an increasingly and ferry segments, where the business, connected world, is a rarity. “I’ve been involved in the roll out of headquartered in Norway with an addi- 4G on land in Norway (he was formerly tional offce in Fort Lauderdale, Florida,

Telenor Norway CTO) and the speed has a 12-year track record of ‘at sea’ ex-

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