• Cummins’ certified Tier 4 Final QSB7 and QSL9 engine platforms form the basis for mobile sets that meet EPA regulations. US EPA Tier 4 Final certified mobile generator sets with 150 kW to 275 kW power outputs are now available from Cummins Power Generation for the rental market. The new units have undergone refinements to meet the stringent EPA Tier 4 Final regulations.   

    (As published in the November 2014 edition of Marine News -

  • on front-line operational vessels and sharply reduce fuel costs, while also opening up the possibility of coordinating with other marine simulators. (As published in the June 2015 edition of Marine News -

  • burns and protecting personnel, it can be applied to hot surfaces up to 350° F, reducing downtime, keeping systems online during coating applications. (As published in the January 2016 edition of Marine News -

  • Via Martiri di Cefalonia 1, Peschiera Borromeo MI, Italy 20068 T: +39 02 5538321 E: CEO/President: Ferruccio Ramploud Engineering Director: Decio Gasparetto Number Of Employees: 30 Established in 1975, Novacavi provides expertise in designing and manufacturin

  • 926 County Road 1350 N Carmi, IL 62821 Telephone: 618 382 2525 E-mail: Website: CEO/President: Donnie Wilson Number of Employees: 120 The Company: Elastec/American Marine manufactures and markets pollution control and oil spill response systems. The firm

  • 151 Martine Street, Fall River, MA 02723 T: 508-678-0550 E: W: CEO/President: Bob Anderson Engineering Director: Jon Crowell Number of Employees: 14 The Company OceanServer Tecnology is the developer of the Iver family of modern, low-cost Autonomous

  • 101 International Parkway Adairsville, GA  30701 Telephone: 770 877 7602 E-mail: Website: President (Yanmar America): Tim Fernandez Number of Employees: 200 The Company: YANMAR America Corporation, located in Adairsville, Ga., is the regional headquarters of

  • 6749 Top Gun Street, Suite 100    San Diego, California 92121    T: 858-623-9916    E:    W:    CEO    Ning Xiao, Ph.D.      LinkQuest manufactures precision acoustic instruments for offshore oil exploration, construction, drilling, survey, environme

  • 104 Congress St, Ste 304    Portsmouth, NH 03801    T: +1-603-431-1773    E:    W:    CEO: Tomas Hjelmberg    No. of Employees: 50      QPS are specialists in software solutions for marine spatial data. Software products for efficient data collection

  • Lombardia, Italy 20068    T: +39 025538321    E:    W:    CEO/President: Giuliana Censi    No. of Employees: 28      Novacavi is an Italy-based privately owned company established in 1975. We design and manufacture in-house custom cables and we have a great

  • 1, 8e avenue, Rimouski, Québec    Canada    G5L 2L9    T: +1-418-724-5835    E:    W:    CEO: Jacques St-Pierre    No. of Employees: 12      Multi-Electronique (MTE) Inc. offers a large, diversified range of product for oceanographic

  • operations. The project evolved into “Bunkering Best Practices: Protecting People and the Environment” which can be viewed online or downloaded – FREE – at: “This video along with our current oil transport tracking project, are some examples of the important

  • MR Nov-19#94  
    November 2019 - Maritime Reporter and Engineering News page: 94

    Kits 6DIHW\(TXLSPHQW USA OFFICE Ph: 832-203-7170 Coastal & Offshore 6LQFH Configurations Available in Three Sizes 1-866-788-2642 WWWMESAMARINECO

  • MR Nov-19#83 , Tugpins will deliver a
    November 2019 - Maritime Reporter and Engineering News page: 83

    to take 1971. Appleton Marine is not only a area with strong currents. off the peak loads.” Still under development and testing, Tugpins will deliver a manufacturer of cranes, but a turnkey full-scale model in the summer of 2020. supplier of all types of handling equip- www.tugpins

  • MR Nov-19#18 , but  umn I nominate, 
Will tells)
    November 2019 - Maritime Reporter and Engineering News page: 18

    to an water depths at Atlantic Highlands. At organization of my choice. For this col- present the bow foils do not retract, but umn I nominate, Will tells me that can be changed rather one of the main international grass roots easily. advocates for keeping atmospheric CO2 If

  • MR Nov-19#10  nearly every aspect of your as-
    November 2019 - Maritime Reporter and Engineering News page: 10

    ? nal exam. It’s simple. If you would like to im- sess. So, what do we do? Speci? cally, self-tests address all the prove nearly every aspect of your as- http://digitalmagazines.marinelink. This is not a new problem, and there issues raised above. First, they provide sessment program, incorporate as many

  • MR Nov-19#2nd Cover  a successful solution
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    manufacturing capacity and International Technical Service Centres Our expert team is on hand to deliver a successful solution Visit or email our team at for more information COV2, C3 &C4 MR NOV 2019.indd 1 10/28/2019 10:18:10 A

  • MR Oct-19#57  of frameworks
web site:
    October 2019 - Maritime Reporter and Engineering News page: 57

    to marine professionals e-mail: IMSA through our tools and services. We bring an understanding of frameworks web site: Member homepages/hydrocomp and systems that make complex hydrodynamics problems clear. You conduct studies with greater

  • MR Oct-19#8  who have mastery  assessment.
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    who understand at a have not sacri? ced fair and consistent In an LMS, all questions are organized basic level vs. those who have mastery assessment. http://digitalmagazines.marinelink. into “question categories”. The key to of the subjects.Per our rules above, we Thanks for reading! If you have any

  • MN Sep-19#8   agement Service (MMS). A re- tired Navy)
    September 2019 - Marine News page: 8

    based leg- a decade at the Department islative staff of Congressman of the Interior’s Minerals Man- Jimmy Hayes. On the WEB: agement Service (MMS). A re- tired Navy Chief Petty Of? cer, Nicolette served her ? nal two Tom Ewing is a freelance military tours in Hawaii, where writer specializing

  • MN Oct-19#52  USMMA  website can be found at https://atlan- US Merchant Marine)
    October 2019 - Marine News page: 52

    other ? elds related to the Waterway (AIWW). The conference BS in Marine Engineering from the Academy’s mission. The seven USMMA website can be found at https://atlan- US Merchant Marine Academy. He Advisory Board members must include is a licensed Chief Engineer with

  • MN Mar-19#20  Currents newsletter 
(page 6): http://waterwayscouncil.
    March 2019 - Marine News page: 20

    markets are strong, equipment is and SIRE process and we are an ap- moved off the Ohio. This benefts the in WCI’s Capitol Currents newsletter (page 6): http://waterwayscouncil. proved provider. Campbell is pursu- dry-cargo markets on the Upper Ohio. org/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/ Final-December-10-2018-CC-1

  • MR Sep-19#20  signi?  cantly  for businesses can)
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    bersecurity resources and best practices of the many operational systems that or cannot be relied on. although the malware signi? cantly for businesses can be compromised in a cyber incident. As was stated in our Allianz Global degraded the functionality of the on- resources. One

  • MR Sep-19#8  of exam ran- do we do this?
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    of roughly equal dif? culty. How global distribution @ ism in the training organization. They different order. This kind of exam ran- do we do this? http://digitalmagazines.marinelink. will respond in kind. domization requires a learning manage- Check back here next month and we com/NWM/Others/MarTID2019a/ T

  • MT Jul-19#73  Hollaar 
No. of Employees: 70
For more than)
    July 2019 - Marine Technology Reporter page: 73

    QPS Inc. Zeist, The Netherlands MDs: Jonathan Beaudoin & Almar Hollaar No. of Employees: 70 For more than 25 years, Quality Positioning Services oil and gas, offshore wind farms, and the dredging industry. (QPS) have been experts in maritime geomatics software Services include on-site

  • MT Jul-19#67 , preparing individuals for
    July 2019 - Marine Technology Reporter page: 67

    including education and training in the design start-ups and 35 fully commercial companies. of ships and associated systems, preparing individuals for entry-level operational positions as deck of? cers, engineer- New multiplexer systems ing of? cers and ratings. One of the centers

  • MT Jul-19#66  and sensors and communications.  www)
    July 2019 - Marine Technology Reporter page: 66

    efforts in mote power systems; convertible energy systems; informa- Canada over the next decade and beyond. tion systems; and sensors and communications. World’s largest towing tank The Marine Institute’s ROV Simulator Photo: Marine Institute of MUN Photo: National

  • MT Jul-19#65  of Employees: 30
    July 2019 - Marine Technology Reporter page: 65

    the same ARGOS satellite system. Sea Machines Robotics Boston, MA 02128 CEO/President: Michael G. Johnson Sea Machines Robotics Number of Employees: 30 Sea Machines is developing autonomous control and ad- and utility craft. The SM300 (available now), provides au- vanced perception

  • MT Jul-19#62  Marketing Of?  cer: Amy Brown
    July 2019 - Marine Technology Reporter page: 62

    MTR 100 BIRNS, Inc. Oxnard, Calif. President & CEO: Eric Birns Chief Marketing Of? cer: Amy Brown BIRNS Established in 1954, BIRNS, Inc. is a leader in the design become ABS Product Design Assessment (PDA) certi? ed, and and manufacturing of connectors, custom cable assemblies and

  • MT Jul-19#59  Photogrammetry & Laser Tech-
Buckle Mitigation)
    July 2019 - Marine Technology Reporter page: 59

    deep water oil and gas such as Jumper Laser Scan (VLS) and combining Ad- Lindorm, Inc. Buoyancy, Umbilical Buoyancy and vanced Photogrammetry & Laser Tech- Buckle Mitigation Buoyancy. Finally, to niques. The company was founded in Lindorm, Inc. is a private Florida cor- January 2009, and

  • MT Jul-19#58  company offers multiple con-
    July 2019 - Marine Technology Reporter page: 58

    environments. Turner Design izes in ? uorometers and turbidimeters as it has for DeepWater Buoyancy more than 47 years. The company offers multiple con- ? gurations using its modular optics: in-situ sensors such DeepWater Buoyancy sup- as C3, C6P, Cyclops Integrator, Cyclops-7F

  • MT Jul-19#50  Honjo
No. of Employees: 20
    July 2019 - Marine Technology Reporter page: 50

    MTR 100 McLane Research Labs E. Falmouth, Mass. President/CEO: Susumu Honjo No. of Employees: 20 McLane Research Laboratories, founded in 1983, is a leader in time-series in-situ oceanographic pro? lers, samplers, and ? otation. In 2019, McLane launched the Credit: Rebecca

  • MT Jul-19#43  Brady
No. of Employees: 13,400
    July 2019 - Marine Technology Reporter page: 43

    General Dynamics Mission Systems Quincy, Mass., President CEO: Chris Brady No. of Employees: 13,400 n-robotics General Dynamics Mission Systems is an innovator of open The Tech architecture and mission integration to meet the most demand- In

  • MT Jul-19#33  Kebkal
No. of Employees: 35
    July 2019 - Marine Technology Reporter page: 33

    EvoLogics GmbH EvoLogics GmbH Berlin, Germany President/CEO: Dr. Rudolf Bannasch, Dr. Konstantin Kebkal No. of Employees: 35 EvoLogics GmbH is a German high-tech enterprise, founded (Sweep Spread Carrier) technology - the reliable acoustic te- in 2000 by a group of scientists and R&D

  • MT Jul-19#25 Forum Subsea Technologies
    July 2019 - Marine Technology Reporter page: 25

    Forum Subsea Technologies Forum Subsea Technologies’ launched XLe Spirit, the ? rst observation-class ROV to use Forum’s Integrated Control Engine (ICE) to bring greater function- ality commonly only found in larger work-class vehicles. The control elec- tronics pod ? tted to

  • MP Q3-19#20  following websites: 
Tokyo MOU / Paris)
    Jul/Aug 2019 - Maritime Logistics Professional page: 20

    0.00%0 points RS 34 29 32 95 - - 1 11.05%5 points The full text of each respective Annual Report can be obtained from the following websites: Tokyo MOU / Paris MoU / USCG The ClassNK Port State Control Annual Report can be downloaded by