MTR 100: OceanServer Technology, Inc.

Posted by Irina Tabakina

151 Martine Street,
Fall River, MA 02723
T: 508-678-0550
E: [email protected]
CEO/President: Bob Anderson
Engineering Director: Jon Crowell
Number of Employees: 14

The Company
OceanServer Tecnology is the developer of the Iver family of modern, low-cost Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs).  These robust, man-portable systems are ideal for survey, search and rescue, scientific and military applications in near-coastal water.  The low, all-inclusive price (including mission planning and post mission analysis software) has enabled many organizations to add this technology into their equipment pool and survey methodology. OceanServer Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of man-portable Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) with more than 200 AUVs deployed worldwide.  

The Tech
The Iver AUV is designed to be an affordable, commercial vehicle used for general survey and sub-surface security work, and serves as a research platform for autonomy, behavioral and sensor development studies.

(As published in the July/Aug 2014 edition of Marine Technology Reporter -

Marine Technology Magazine, page 68,  Jul 2014

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