MTR 100: The Oceanscience Group

Posted by Irina Tabakina

2245 Camino Vida Roble, Suite 100
Carlsbad, CA 92011
T: 760 754 2400
E: [email protected]
CEO/President: Ron George
VP: Tricia Takacs
Engineering Director: Ashley Cantieny
No. of Employees: 35
Annual Sales: $7m

The Company
Since 1998, Oceanscience has developed and manufactured oceanographic, hydrographic and hydrologic field equipment and instrumentation for corporations, major government agencies and institutions in more than 50 countries.  One third of the staff are either ocean scientists or mechanical, robotics, or ocean engineers.  Oceanscience focuses on building collaborative relationships with its customers, industry partners and representatives around the globe and placing an emphasis on customer satisfaction. Oceanscience manufactures a wide range of integrated systems for measuring and monitoring the world’s waterways, from the deep ocean and coastal waters to rivers, lakes and ponds.

The Tech
• UnderwayCTD: Oceanscience underway profiling systems are the most compact and versatile options available to oceanographic researchers and hydrographic surveyors. The UnderwayCTD and UnderwaySV offer research quality conductivity, temperature, depth (CTD) or sound velocity (SV) profiles from 15m to 1000m depth, while underway at up to 20kts.
• Remotely-Operated Hydrographic Survey Boats: The Oceanscience Z-Boat offers a portable, fully integrated ready-to-use bathymetric survey solution for shallow water.  There is no need to mobilize a manned boat for a difficult survey area; simply launch the remotely-operated Z-Boat and start surveying. Singlebeam echosounders or side scan sonars may be accommodated.
• Environmental Monitoring Deployment Systems:  Seafloor and buoy-mounted platforms for acoustic Doppler current profilers lead the industry in longevity and ruggedness.
• River Discharge Boats for ADCP’s: Oceanscience has shipped more than 4000 unmanned boats for a wide variety of fresh and saltwater applications.  The Riverboat/ADCP system has significantly reduced discharge measurement time and labor all over the world. 

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Marine Technology Magazine, page 63,  Jul 2014

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