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Greensea Systems, Inc. develops software specializing in control and navigation systems for ROVs and AUVs derived from a common core architecture. Providing both commercial software products and custom software development, Greensea strives to deliver powerful operator workspaces and vehicle control software worldwide to the military, commercial and scientific offshore communities.
In short, Greensea develops software to make offshore operations more efficient, productive, and reliable. The automation, integrated workspace, and precision navigation capabilities provided by the openSEA technology and the commercial products Balefire and Endal, enable unprecedented efficiency and performance in ROVs while lowering the training required for consistent and reliable operations. Based on a fundamental commitment to robustness, reliability, and ease of use, Greensea has developed its technology by working offshore alongside ROV operators. Greensea’s control systems and operator workspaces provide a cohesive operating environment with automated functions, station keeping, dynamic positioning, and sonar integration so that crews can work smarter and more efficiently. Common application areas of Greensea’s technology include offshore oil and gas, exploration, science, and military activities including EOD, MCM, and UXO. Greensea’s control, navigation, and operator workspace products for ROVs and AUVs easily support new builds, upgrades and retrofits to existing systems, and OEM product development.
Greensea provides commercial software products as well as bespoke software and integration packages.
• Commercial Products: Greensea offers a commercial ROV operator workspace, navigation, and control solution named Balefire and a commercial forward looking sonar integration package named Endal. In addition, Greensea provides standard product solutions for data logging, down hole control, sensor management, and software development tools.
• openSEA: The Open Software and Equipment Architecture (openSEA) is the foundation technology used in all of Greensea’s products. The openSEA library and software suite provides robust capabilities for automation, communications, fault management, hardware interfaces, and more than 600 native device drivers for the underwater industry.
• Services: Greensea provides bespoke software development and integration based on our commercial products and core technologies.

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