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  • We look forward to welcoming readers of Marine Technology Reporter to Oceanology International (OI) being held March 11-13, 2014, at the ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centrre. OI is the biennial global forum where industry, academia and government share knowledge and connect with the marine technology and ocean science community, improving their strategies for measuring, exploiting, protecting and operating in the world’s oceans.
    Established in 1969, OI features the world’s largest exhibition for marine science and technology, agenda-setting technical conferences, visiting vessels and waterside demonstrations, and networking opportunities. All are entirely free to attend: in 2012, 7,669 came from all over the globe to take advantage of what is on offer. The 2014 event is due to be the largest ever with the 520 exhibiting companies from over 35 countries taking an additional 10% more space than at the record-breaking 2012 event.

    Marine Technology
    Update in a Nutshell

    Looking at the overall state-of-play within marine technology currently, and therefore what will be on show and talked about at OI 2014, conference chairman, Professor Ralph Rayner, explains: “In the wider world of technology we see an accelerating pace of change. We see the emergence of new materials, new sensor technologies, new computing capabilities, all of this is changing very rapidly, and these changes are influencing what’s happening in the world of marine technology.
    “Perhaps the most significant technological change we’re seeing is the move from using conventional ships to unmanned vehicles. We’re seeing the emergence of many new unmanned vehicles and platforms made possible by novel new materials, novel power sources, and advances in computing.
    “The growing use of UUVs is also driving developments in sensors. It’s driving the development of lower power sensors that will operate for longer durations with much higher degrees of reliability than has perhaps been required in the past.
     “With the increasing use of autonomous vehicles comes the need for better underwater communications, and better underwater positioning. As we move towards exploiting resources in ever more difficult parts of the ocean, in deeper water and in harsher environments these technologies come into their own in making this possible.
    “Equally we have huge societal challenges, ocean acidification and changing climate, all of which demand the ability to make long-term observations of the world’s oceans on a reliable and cost-effective basis. The Oceanology International exhibition showcases all of these technologies and more. And it illustrates how they’re brought to bear on pressing societal needs and practical problems of working in the ocean environment.”

    Expanded Conference Program
    The areas highlighted by Professor Rayner are certainly also evident in the expanded OI conferences, which are largely divided into two parts: on one side are updates on areas of technology; and the other is dealing with areas of application of those exciting technologies.
    Ocean science and technology lie at the very heart of OI 2014, with the conference program picking up on each major technology strand featured in the exhibition. As well as the traditional areas (ocean observing systems; hydrography and geophysics; and site investigation; and dealing with UUV development), there are two new conference programs this year: underwater positioning and metrology; and underwater communications. Then too there are conference programs dealing with operating in extreme environments, highly important as the oil and gas industry moves into ever-deeper waters and the Arctic; maritime security; and the rapidly growing marine renewables sector and its demands for technologies to support survey, installation and maintenance.
    Another OI introduction is the concept of topical panel discussions looking at areas which are creating a growing demand for marine science and technology: aquaculture, ballast water and subsea mining have been chosen for this treatment this year.

    More Features
    This year’s OI features a new Innovation Zone, held in collaboration with the Oiltech Investment Network with the aim of connecting innovative technology providers with access to funding opportunities. Another new feature for 2014 is Spillex, which focuses on the prevention of, and response to, environmental incidents in the marine environment.
    No Oceanology International is complete without its display of vessels and dockside demonstrations.
    This year’s will be no exception with a growing list of both on the event’s website at The early list of vessels includes an oil spill response, survey vessels, both conventional and remotely controlled; a vessel with a deployable ROV on board; and an offshore wind farm support vessel.
    The expanding program of associated events run by supporting organizations such as IMarEST and IMCA, and exhibitors on topics as varied as ‘Meet the Metocean Expert’, ‘ROV training – an international perspective’; ‘Fluid Mud in Ports and Navigation: Management Today and in the Future’ and ‘British-Dutch Round Table on Marine Monitoring and Surveying for Offshore Wind Energy Projects’.

    Free to Attend

    Register to attend the exhibition and conference programs free of charge at, and visit the website for the full exhibitor list, the extensive conference programmes, and details on the myriad of features at OI 2014.

    OI 2014 Exhibitors

    2G Robotics Inc
    3D Laser Mapping
    4D Nav
    4H- JENA engineering GmbH
    Aanderaa Data Instruments AS
    Abyssal S.A
    Acclaimed Software Co Ltd (The)
    Acodaq Ltd
    Acoustic Polymers Ltd
    ACSM Agencia Martima
    Adler & Allan Ltd
    Ageotec Srl
    Airborne Hydrography AB
    Airmar Technology
    Alba Ultrasound
    Albatros Marine Technologies
    All Oceans Eng Ltd
    AllMaritim AS
    Alnmaritec Ltd
    AML Oceanographic
    Applied Acoustic Engineering Ltd
    Aquatec Group
    ARGUS Gesellschaft fuer Umweltmesstech mbH
    Argus Remote Systems AS
    ASD Sensortechnik GmbH
    Ashtead Technology
    Asian Prime Sources Limited
    Association of Diving Contractors
    ASV Ltd
    Atlantas Marine
    Atlantic Canada Pavilion
    Atlas Professionals
    AXYS Technologies, Inc
    Balmoral Offshore Engineering
    Biosonics Inc
    BIRNS Aquamate LLC
    Bluefin Robotics Corporation
    Blueprint Design Engineering
    BMT Group Ltd
    Bowtech Products Ltd
    Braveheart Shipping BV
    Brest Metropole Oceane
    Bretagne Commerce International
    Briese Schiffahrt GmbH & Co. KG Research Vessel Department
    Briggs Marine & Environmental Services
    Brone Positioning & Survey Limited
    C & C Technologies Inc.
    C.R. Encapsulation Ltd
    Calecore Limited
    Cambridge Consultants Ltd
    Caris BV
    Carmacoring S.R.L
    Castalia S.C.p.A.
    Cathx Ocean Ltd.
    CCC (Underwater Engineering) S.A.L.
    Cescor srl
    Channel Technologies Group
    Chesapeake Technology Inc
    Christian - Albrechts University, Exzellenzcluster Ozean der Zukunft
    Clarksons Research Services Ltd
    C-MAX Ltd
    CodaOctopus Products Ltd
    CODAR Ocean Sensors
    Concept Cables Ltd
    Consilium Italy S.r.l.
    CONTROS Systems & Solutions GmbH
    Cooper Interconnect
    Cousin Trestec
    CP+ A Suzano Group Company
    C-Tecnics / National Hyperbaric Centre
    Cygnus Instruments Ltd
    D Appolonia S.p.A.
    Data Quality Systems
    DECO Geophysical SC
    DeepOcean AS
    DeepOcean Vision Ltd
    DeepSea Power & Light
    DenAr Ocean Engineering Ltd
    Develogic GmbH
    Digital Edge Subsea Ltd
    DNV GL
    DOE Inc.
    DOF Subsea AS
    Dutch Ocean Group
    DWTEK Co., Ltd
    Dynamic Load Monitoring UK Ltd
    ECO/Environment Coastal & Offshore
    EGS (International) Ltd
    Eiva A/S
    Elmeridge Cables Ltd
    emma technologies GmbH
    English Braids
    EofE Ultrasonics Co.,Ltd.
    EOMAP GmbH & Co. KG
    Etpm Ltd
    EvoLogics GmbH
    Exocetus Development LLC
    Exploration Electronics Ltd
    EZZE Marine
    Falmat Inc
    Falmouth Scientific, Inc
    FIELAX Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung mbH
    First Point Assessment Limited
    Fischer Connectors Ltd
    FLIR Commercial Systems
    FMC Schilling Robotics
    Focal Technologies Group
    Forum Subsea Technologies
    G.A.S s.r.l. - Geological Assistance and Services
    G.O.S.S Consultants Ltd
    Gardline Marine Sciences
    GAT Gesellschaft für Antriebstechnik mbH
    General Acoustics e.K.
    General Oceanics Inc
    GEO Marine Survey Systems
    Geo Plus B.V.
    Geocap AS
    Geomatrix Earth Science
    Geometrics Inc
    Geosoft Europe Ltd
    Germano & Associates, Inc.
    Gill Instruments Ltd
    Glenair UK Limited
    Global Dynamix Inc.
    Global Pollution Solutions
    GSE Rentals Ltd
    G-tec - Geophysical Exploration
    GWP Protective
    Harkand Andrews Survey
    Harmonic Drive UK Limited
    Hays Ships Ltd
    Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht
    Hemisphere GNSS - Saderet Ltd
    High Tech, Inc.
    Horizon Survey Company
    HPR (UK) Ltd
    hs engineers
    Hydramec Offshore Hydraulic Systems Ltd
    Hydro Group plc
    Hydro-Bios Apparatebau GmbH
    Hydrographic Academy With Plymouth University
    Hydro-Lek Ltd
    Hydrotechnik Lubeck GmbH
    Hypack Inc
    IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society
    Igeotest  S.L.
    Imagenex Technology Corp.
    Imenco Uk Ltd
    Indepth International
    Innomar Technologie GmbH
    Innova AS
    Innovatum Ltd
    Install Srl
    International Maritime Organization
    InterOcean Systems Inc
    Inuktun Europe Ltd
    ISPTEL, lda
    iSURVEY / IKM Subsea
    ITER Systems
    ITP Ltd
    J + S Ltd
    J W Automarine
    James Fisher Rumic
    Jifmar Offshore Services
    JOWO - Systemtechnik GmbH
    Keller (UK) Limited
    Knudsen Engineering Ltd
    Kongsberg Maritime
    Kongsberg Maritime AUV Group
    L-3 ELAC Nautik
    L-3 Klein Associates Inc
    L-3 Oceania
    Lapp Muller
    LATALCO (Gf Industrial)
    Lidan Marine AB
    LinkQuest Inc
    Liquid Robotics
    MacArtney Underwater Technology Group
    MaRE Trans. Ltd.
    Marine Electronics Ltd
    Marine Institute
    Marine Instruments
    Marine Magnetics
    Marine Technology Reporter
    Marine Technology Society
    Marinexplore Inc
    Maritech Consultants Ltd
    Maritime Robotics AS
    Maritimes Cluster Norddeutschland c/o WTSH GmbH
    Markleen Limited
    MarSensing Lda.
    Martec Ltd
    Marum - Center For Marine Environmental Sciences
    Masto Wire Service A/S
    Metocean Services International Pty Ltd
    Miros AS
    Mobilis SA
    Mooring Systems
    MOST (Autonomous Vessels) Ltd
    MSI (Materials Systems Inc)
    National Oceanography Centre
    National Physical Laboratory
    Nautikaris B.V.
    Nautilus Marine Service GmbH
    Nautronix Limited
    Navingo BV
    NCS Survey Ltd
    Neptune EHF
    Neptune Sonar Ltd
    Nexans Norway AS
    NiGK corporation
    No Limit Ships B.V.
    Norbit Subsea AS
    Norcom Technology Limited
    Nortek AS
    Northern Diver
    NovAtel Inc.
    Observator Instruments b.v.
    Ocean Business 2015
    Ocean Modules Sweden AB
    Ocean Networks Canada
    Ocean Power Technologies
    Ocean Tools Ltd
    Oceanpact Serviços Marítimos
    Oceanscan - Marine Systems & Technology LDA
    OceanServer Technology Inc.
    OceanWaveS GmbH
    Oceanweather Inc
    Oceomic, Marine Bio and Technology, S.L.
    OPTIMARE Systems GmbH
    Orcina Ltd
    Orolia SAS
    Osean Sas
    Osiris Projects
    OTM Servo Mechanism Ltd
    Outland Technology
    Parkburn Precision Handling Systems Ltd
    Parker Maritime AS
    PDM Neptec Ltd
    Pearson Engineering Services
    Periplus Group
    Planet Ocean Ltd
    PMI Industries, Inc.
    Pole Mer Méditerranée
    Positioneering Limited
    Prevco Europe LLC
    Proteus FZC and DigitalGlobe
    QPS BV
    Qualitas Remos
    R2 Sonic LLC
    Radac B.V.
    RBR Ltd
    Remote Ocean System
    RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems GmbH
    RJE International Inc.
    Roaming Expert
    Rolls-Royce Canada Limited - Naval Marine
    Romica Engineering Limited
    Ropner Insurance Services Limited
    Rosemount Wave Radar AB
    Rovtech Systems Ltd.
    Rowe Technologies
    RPS Energy
    RPS Oceanography
    RS Aqua Ltd
    Ruco Ltd
    SA Instrumentation
    Saab Seaeye Ltd
    Sarl Technicap
    SBG Systems SAS
    Scantrol AS
    Scorpion Oceanics Ltd
    Scubo Group FZC
    Sea & Sun Technology GmbH
    Seabed BV
    Sea-Bird Scientific
    SeaBotix Inc.
    SEACON (europe) Ltd
    Seamor Marine Ltd.
    Seatronics Ltd
    Seaview Systems, Inc.
    SeeByte Ltd
    Senlution Technologies, China
    Sensonor AS
    Sensor Technology Ltd
    Sensorlab SL
    Septentrio Satellite Navigation
    Sidus Solutions LLC
    Silicon Sensing Systems Ltd
    Siri Marine
    SMC Ship Motion Control
    SMD Ltd
    Society for Underwater Technology
    Society of Maritime Industries
    Sonar Equipment Services Ltd
    Sonardyne International Ltd
    SonarTech Co., Ltd
    Sound Metrics Corp.
    South West Surveys
    Specialist Subsea Services Ltd
    Sperre As
    STC B.V.
    Steatite Ltd
    Stema Systems
    StormGeo Ltd
    SubCtech GmbH
    Submarine Manufacturing & Products Ltd (SMP LTD)
    Subsea Asset Location Technologies (SALT) Ltd
    Subsea Supplies Ltd
    Subsea tech
    Sun Star Electric LP
    Svarog Llp
    Swathe Services
    T. T. Surveys Limited
    TDI-Brooks International
    TE Connectivity
    Tech Safe Systems
    Tecnicas y obras Subacuaticas, S.L. (Tecnosub)
    Teledyne Benthos
    Teledyne CDL
    Teledyne DGO
    Teledyne Gavia
    Teledyne Impulse
    Teledyne Marine
    Teledyne RD Instruments
    Teledyne Reson A/S
    Teledyne Webb Research
    Tesla Offshore LLC
    The Challenger Society for Marine Science
    The Hydrographic Society
    The Parliamentary and Scientific Committee
    The Underwater Centre
    Titanium Engineers
    Titanium Industries UK Ltd
    Tokio Marine Europe Insurance limited
    Top Side Offshore Technology b.v.
    Topcon Europe Positioning B.V.
    Trelleborg Aem
    Trimble Navigation
    TriOS Mess- und Datentechnik GmbH
    Tritech International Ltd
    Tritex NDT Ltd
    Turner Designs
    Turo Technology Ltd
    Umbilicals International
    Unique Maritime Group
    University of Plymouth, Marine Institute
    UTEC Survey Inc
    Valeport Ltd
    VideoRay LLC
    Vikoma International Ltd
    WASSP Ltd
    Waveney Insurance Brokers (Commercial) Ltd
    Werum Software & Systems AG
    Wildlife Acoustics
    Wish Software Limited
    Wood & Douglas Ltd
    WTSH - Business Development and Technology Transfer Corporation of Schleswig-Holstein
    Wuxi Haiying-Cal Tec Marine Technology Co Ltd
    Xylem Analytics
    YSI Inc.

    (As published in the January/February 2014 edition of Marine Technology Reporter -

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Delivering data in most adverse)
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    SMART SUBSEA SOLUTIONS Delivering data in most adverse conditions: underwater acoustic modems with advanced communication technology and networking Accurate USBL and LBL positioning of underwater assets Modem emulator and other cost-saving developer tools Autonomous surface vehicle for bathymetry,

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    PRODUCT, PROFESSIONAL, VESSELS, MTR BARGES & REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Marketplace INNOVATIVE. UNIQUE. PROVEN. Bellingham, WA | 360.647.7602 Pictured:Capt. Murchison - 80’ Patrol Vessel for Texas Parks & Wildlife Department featuring Hamilton Jet’s AVX Control System & Teknicraft’s

  • MT Sep-20#61  effect repairs 
manufacturer, this breakthrough heralds  down)
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    Inspection Tool into a by Saab Seaeye. According to the vehicle, e.g. facing forward, or pointing splash zone tool able to effect repairs manufacturer, this breakthrough heralds down, by rotating it 90 degrees. All of below the waterline. It’s crack-? nding a signi? cant advance in underwater the “smarts”

  • MT Sep-20#60  and surface vehicles.  This 
modular unit can be con)
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    . The EdgeTech 2205 is a compact, extremely ? exible and con- ? gurable sonar system for integration on 3rd party underwater and surface vehicles. This modular unit can be con? gured, based on the New LR Acoustic Effector customers’ application, to collect side scan GeoSpectrum Technologies, an

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Innovative new products, technologies and)
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    New Products Innovative new products, technologies and concepts Watch the Pyxis Video Pyxis Applied Acoustic Launches Pyxis Applied Acoustic Applied Acoustic Engineering (AAE) INS brings together two leaders, result- export control to almost anywhere launched its next generatio

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    Tech Files ROV Technologies World First: Remote in-water Ship Surveys via ROV As COVID-19 continues to challenge 2018, so this service is an extension of AS, DNV GL and Wilson ASA to many business plans and practices, the a broad suite of remote services that are ensure secure data transfer when

  • MT Sep-20#56  of the riser or rope surface.
“This project with Ocean Installer)
    September 2020 - Marine Technology Reporter page: 56

    part of the Balder X project. performs a full 360-degree close visual Tyler de Gier, GM, Welaptega, said inspection of the riser or rope surface. “This project with Ocean Installer marks The RCIS, which can be used for un- the ? rst occasion that a RCIS has been manned operations, operates ef? ciently

  • MT Sep-20#55  permanently  front throughout this process,” said  ing stations)
    September 2020 - Marine Technology Reporter page: 55

    to enable underwater “Equinor has been with us at the Sandnes near Stavanger, multiple dock- vehicles or drones to be permanently front throughout this process,” said ing stations have already been tested, deployed subsea by providing access Stig Magnar Lura, GM, Blue Logic. including at the Norwegian

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trust and advertising results 
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    Business news you can trust and advertising results you can count on. We have you covered in every sector of the industry. The Maritime Media Network’s diverse portfolio of publications includes: Maritime Reporter & Engineering News, Marine News, Marine Technology Reporter and Offshore Engineer.

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–  working at UCSD, where)
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won’t have anyone onboard,” says de Jong.)
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  • MT Sep-20#41 this type of work, it’s not about the length of deployment)
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small mission footprint. This 
Unmanned Underwater Vehicle)
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tems currently)
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  • MT Sep-20#24 INTERVIEW  Terradepth 
this is what should I do’.”)
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    INTERVIEW Terradepth this is what should I do’.” ing systems. Indeed, AI and machine TARGETED MAPPING It’s a big challenge. “Submarines have learning on sonar data is a big part of The company is already looking at been able to go to bottom of the ocean the company’s focus. “Our robots will where

  • MT Sep-20#23  recharging its bat-
teries. This process repeated itself)
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    . So we want to create a DVL for positioning), and turns on its data repository so we can change the generator to begin recharging its bat- teries. This process repeated itself until information market. we’re low on fuel.” “But we have a data acquisition prob- Kauffman says this could run for 30,

  • MT Sep-20#22 INTERVIEW  Terradepth 
he pace of change in the ocean  ing)
    September 2020 - Marine Technology Reporter page: 22

    INTERVIEW Terradepth he pace of change in the ocean ing done the same way. AUVs are now one that doesn’t rely on surface vessels. mapping space has been fast in also a relatively mature technology, al- Terradepth is also looking to change the Trecent years. New entrants have though companies are

  • MT Sep-20#19  diameter ratio
This simply describes that a)
    September 2020 - Marine Technology Reporter page: 19

    Insights Thruster Technology UV designers started with an update for a reduced-order analytical ? ow code for Propeller-to-body diameter ratio This simply describes that a smaller the data de? nition of nose, mid, and tail NavCad to provide design prediction of geometries. This allowed for implemen-

  • MT Sep-20#18  with the contraction, you are  This parameter is the principal)
    September 2020 - Marine Technology Reporter page: 18

    from blade to body continue your axial path, but as pressure a short tail section with a steep tail slope is lowered with the contraction, you are This parameter is the principal con- encouraged to follow the body. Now, tributor to a high “thrust deduction”. angle, (B) naturally greater with a lon- ger