Maritime Reporter and Engineering News

Maritime Reporter & Engineering News' first edition was published in New York City in 1883 and became our flagship publication in 1939.
It is the world’s largest audited circulation magazine serving the global maritime industry, delivering more insightful editorial and news to more industry decision makers than any other source.
More ship and boat owners, ship and boat builders and naval architects and marine engineers subscribe to Maritime Reporter & Engineering News Magazine than any other publication in the industry.
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  • Maritime Reporter Magazine Cover Mar 2017 - The Green Marine Technology Edition
  • Maritime Reporter Magazine Cover Feb 2017 - The Cruise Industry Edition
  • Maritime Reporter Magazine Cover Jan 2017 - The Ship Repair & Conversion Edition

Marine Technology Reporter

Marine Technology Reporter magazine is the world's largest audited circulation publication serving the global Marine Technology Market. From offshore energy to subsea defense to science and technology, MTR covers it all.
Each issue is packed with the latest cutting edge technology from the industry’s leading companies, as well as exclusive insights and market analysis that are critical in today's subsea industry.
If it is subsea industry related technology you seek, you will find it in Marine Technology Reporter Magazine.
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  • Marine Technology Magazine Cover Mar 2017 - Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis
  • Marine Technology Magazine Cover Jan 2017 - Underwater Vehicle Annual: ROV, AUV, and UUVs
  • Marine Technology Magazine Cover Nov 2016 - Subsea Engineering & Construction

Marine News

Like the workboat industry it serves, Marine News Magazine works hard, delivering the best news and editorial available for the North American shallow draft market.
Tracing its history back to the turn of the century, Marine News is steeped in the tradition and history of the great companies that made our industry strong.
Today, it remains the leading publication of the workboat Industry.
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  • Marine News Magazine Cover Apr 2017 - Boatbuilding: Construction & Repair
  • Marine News Magazine Cover Mar 2017 - Pushboats, Tugs & Assist Vessels
  • Marine News Magazine Cover Feb 2017 - Dredging & Marine Construction

Maritime Logistics Professional

Maritime Logistics Professional magazine is published six times annually. The magazine evolved from, the global maritime market's online connection for more than 29,000 executives. Each edition of Maritime Logistics Professional delivers insightful features, statistics and analysis, covering international trade, logistics, the supply chain and how all of that impacts the global waterfront.
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  • Maritime Logistics Professional Magazine Cover Q1 2017 - CRUISE SHIPPING PORTS
  • Maritime Logistics Professional Magazine Cover Q4 2016 - Workboats
  • Maritime Logistics Professional Magazine Cover Q3 2016 - Shipbuilding, Repair & Maintenance

Offshore Energy Reporter

Offshore Energy Reporter magazine covers the world of offshore energy exploration, energy production and delivery of energy to market. Each edition is packed with insightful features on the offshore energy industry’s hottest technologies, the offshore energy industry’s most successful companies and the offshore energy industry’s most compelling innovators and leaders. In addition OER’s global web of reporters deliver in print and online a thorough analysis of the business and prospects in this global energy sector, 24/7/365.
  • Offshore Energy Reporter Magazine Cover Jan 2015 -