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BIMCO’s Peter Lundahl Rasmussen weighs in on BIMCO’s high tech measurement tool for shipping Key Performance Indicators.

n June of 2015, BIMCO took ownership of the unique cross-industry group of experts, led by InterManager – the in-

Shipping KPI System from industry trade organization In- ternational trade association for the ship management industry.

IterManager. In February of this year, BIMCO relaunched Today, BIMCO’s Head of BIMCO Maritime Information De- the ship benchmarking system Shipping KPI, after two years partment, Peter Lundahl Rasmussen, is responsible for and has of redesign. The system helps shipowners and managers make led the BIMCO Shipping KPI project since 2015. A master mari- strategic decisions about their feet, compare their ships’ ef- ner with extensive seagoing experience gained on board chemi- fciency against the performance of the industry and sector av- cal and oil tankers trading worldwide, his career path included a erages. The Shipping KPI System is unique because it is based period as ‘Fleet Director’ from 2007 to 2009, during which time on a standard of 64 different performance indicators (such as he was responsible for the safe operation of some 25 ships. In this ship unavailability and number of environmental related def- edition, he weighs in on the signifcance of BIMCO’s Shipping ciencies) to allow the most specifc and accurate comparison KPI projects, what it can do for you, and why that is important.

of ships – within each sector and more broadly across the in- dustry – that is currently available.

Shipping KPI was frst launched in 2009. BIMCO ac-

The data collected is anonymized, so it does not compro- quired Shipping KPI from Intermanager in 2015. Why mise commercially sensitive information.

did BIMCO step in to take leadership of the project?

BIMCO provides the Shipping KPI System free of charge In 2013, BIMCO saw the potential in taking over the sys- to its members (aside from a nominal set-up fee for new us- tem as an added value to our members and that it would be ers), and additionally runs the tool for the entire industry on a waste for the industry to lose the unique platform and the a not-for-proft basis, focusing on the value of the tool for the gathered data. BIMCO therefore decided to acquire the pro- industry. Initiated in 2003, the system was developed by a gram from Intermanager. 50 Maritime Logistics Professional March/April 2018 | |

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