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MARINE TERMINAL OPTIMIZATION terminal-wide task metrics and track measurable KPIs ranging so they can extend feedstock inventory to ships at sea and im- from how long it takes to complete one task and launch another, prove vessel routing to optimize production facility effciency.

to whether they are complying with emissions regulations. Terminal optimization tools are taking their place among

Terminal optimization solutions are expected to support a Industry 4.0 solutions in the oil and gas sector, revolution- growing variety of operational and product scheduling data izing liquid storage terminals as they become the logistics hub inputs so users can make scheduling decisions based not only for all product movements. They are changing how terminals on historical data but also on predictive analytics. An example operate across all transportation modes by automating signif- is predicting estimated times of arrival (ETAs). This capability cantly more of the supply chain management process, and by will combine machine learning with historical data and real- leveraging real-time KPIs and trending analytics to improve time estimated time of departure (ETD) information to signif- and standardize productivity best practices and benchmarking cantly improve dock scheduling and logistics. while driving better decisions that increase effciencies.

Another opportunity to further advance the liquid storage

The Author terminal industry is by using terminal optimization tools to Robert Kessler,

Program Manager, Maritime for Oceaneering, has ex- optimize port calls in support of the Oil Companies Interna- tensive experience in the marine management software tional Marine Forum (OCIMF) virtual tender initiative, which industry in a variety of sales, marketing and consulting is aimed at reducing fuel costs and enhancing berth-on-arriv- roles. At Oceaneering, he has responsibility to grow the al capabilities. Many companies are also exploring how the company’s Maritime products and service line including

PortVision360 Asset Protection. tools can be used to optimize Inventory in Motion processes, 59


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