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Cruise Shipping Trends IT & Software • Maritime Carriers: Cruise Shipping • Maritime Carriers: Bulk Carrier Sector Report • Port Logistics: Intermodal Connections • Port Logistics: Regulatory Impact Report • Finance: Managing IT Spending • Finance: the Cost of Big Data • Emerging Trends: Shipboard • Emerging Trends: Supply Chain Transparency Connectivity • Tech: SATCOM Solutions • Tech: e-Vetting Tonnage for Quality • Product: Terminal Operating software • Product: Maritime Security Providers • Special Report: Terminal, Yard Management • Special Report: Port Security


Seatrade Cruise Global

March 5-8, Fort Lauderdale, FL MAY/JUNE JULY/AUGUST

Container Ports Port Infrastructure & Development • Maritime Carriers: Top 25 Ocean Liners • Maritime Carriers: Coastal Commerce • Port Logistics: Competing for Market Share • Port Logistics: Dredging & Infrastructure • Finance: Vessel Valuation Evolves • Finance: P3 Projects • Emerging Trends: Combating Cyber Threats • Emerging Trends: Tanker Logistics Evolve • Tech: Vessel Management Software • Tech: Port Security & Cyber Protection • Product: Container Handling Equipment • Service: Dredging Contractors • Special Report: End-to-End Turnkey Logistics • Special Report: Port Planning Simulation


SMM 2018: Sept 4-7, Hamburg, Germany

Breakbulk Americas: Oct 2-4, Houston, TX


Liner Shipping & Logistics Regulatory & Environmental Review • • Maritime Carriers: Shifting Alliances & Ports Maritime Carriers: • Port Logistics: Equipment Evolves • Port Logistics: LNG Bunkers / Infrastructure • Finance: Operator Consolidation Continues • Finance: The Cost of Green • Emerging Trends: Liner Alliances • Emerging Trends: Manage & Track Emissions • Tech: Hybrid & Long-Distance Learning • Tech: Supply Chain Management • Product / Service: e-Commerce Platforms • Service Providers: Liquid Bulk Storage • Special Report: Managing Your Mariners • Special Report: MARPOL Annex VI (2020)

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